11 Jobs You Can Start at Home

An increasing number of people are quitting the 9 to 5 and staring their own businesses that they can run from the comfort of their own home. This is understandable because it can provide flexibility, a better work-life balance and reduce stress. There are also many good options for ways to make money from home.

Here are eleven of them:

Virtual assistant working at home

1. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is responsible for helping individuals and businesses with admin and organization services remotely. The tasks can vary drastically but can easily be completed from home with an internet connection

2. Hairdresser

A hairdressing business is an easy business to run from home and an enjoyable one because you get to work with people each day (working from home can be isolating). You simply need to make sure that you have the right facilities and equipment in the home, such as permanent hair dye, hairdresser scissors and an adjustable chair.

3. Writer

In today‚Äôs digital age where content is king, there is a strong demand for great writing. Writers can easily work from home with an internet connection and many different types of jobs available. What’s important is to get the words out about your writing service; for example, you can book blog tours if you’re specializing in blog post writing.

4. Social Media Manager

Every brand needs to have a strong presence on social media but this can be time consuming and daunting for those that are not confident with social media. A social media manager can run social media channels for multiple businesses all from the comfort of home.

5. Web Designers

Every business also needs a high-quality website so there is high demand for talented web designers (although it can be competitive).

6. Medical Transcriptionist

A medical transcriptionist has the role of listening to medical diction and typing this information up. You will need specialist equipment and excellent typing skills but it is a business that can easily be run from anywhere.

Working at home

7. Customer Service Rep

Many businesses now hire remote workers to handle their customer service which can easily be done from home with a phone and/or internet connection.

8. Translator

If you are fluent in 2+ languages then you can make a good living as a translator working from home. There is a strong demand for translators in many industries so it is a business which could be easy to succeed in.

9. Teacher/Tutor

If you have expert knowledge or a particular skill then you could work as a teacher or tutor and operate from home whether this is having people come to your home for lessons or teaching entirely online. But where to look for opportunities? Companies like BabyLangues are regularly looking for language instructors, so Google is your friend!

10. Child Care/Pet Care Provider

People will always require others to look after their children or pets while they are at work or on holiday and this is another business that is easy to start online.

11. Travel Agent

Helping people to plan their holidays can be highly rewarding work and a business that is easy to run from your home with little more than a phone and an internet connection.

These 11 businesses can be easy to run from home and allow you all the perks of this way of working which is increasing in popularity.