10 Easy-to-Do Social Media Tips for Small Business

Social media presence is very necessary for any business today. Even if you are a small business social media does not become any less relevant for you.

social media tips

The best thing about using social media for small business is that so many tools and platforms are free and that is something you can capitalize on… and there are always new tools and platforms launched – so, more options for you!

Getting a Facebook page or organizing a Tweetmob on Twitter doesn’t cost anything. That is the power of social media… unleashing people power at no cost.

Here are some practical tips on using social media better for your small business…

1. Get a Free Business Page – now!

No matter how small a business you are getting a free business page on Facebook or platforms like Four Square Business Pages is the place to start simply because your target audience is likely to be there. There are a number of small businesses which are running only on the basis of a Facebook page. Posting pictures, descriptions and soliciting orders online right there.

You should also focus on LinkedIn, especially the Company Pages. You see, I am a big fan of what LinkedIn is doing; the business social network is focusing on the effort to persuade listed companies to have their own business pages – and use the company pages to build a community.

2. Fill Up the About Column with Care

This is something you should take care of when you create a social media business page. Describe your organization, its goals, mission and products as best as you can. This will help people know about what you stand for and they will get in touch with you if you can match their needs.

Be sure to include contact numbers and email ids to help people get in touch.

3. Use well-crafted cover image

I’ve seen too many business pages with poorly crafted cover image. Just like any other cover/header/intro images, your social media business page’s cover image is one of the first things your page visitors’ see; you’d better leave a good impression with interesting cover image, or else…

4. Link to Your Website!

Do not forget to link to your website or blog (if you have one that is) from your social media account! It seems obvious, but maybe it’s too obvious in such a way that some businesses forgot to do so.

5. Post interesting images

Pictures can speak volumes and you should consider using their power on social media. Small businesses are floating photo contests, including pictures of the day, parody or creating albums of customers wearing, using or consuming their products and services.

Be sure you post images as I and many others have proven from time to time again that interesting images attract likes and shares.

6. Run Contests

Everyone loves a contest or game so organizing one and giving away a hamper of your products or gift coupons is something others have tried and you could try it too.

7.Add Freebies

People love freebies! Why don’t you add freebies to your offerings? Like six cupcakes free with an order for a two pound cake for a limited period might be something worth trying for a bakery business. If your business is content-based, such as online magazine, you can also offer free reports, white papers, and so on.

8. Share Interesting Facts and Trivia

Talk about interesting facts and trivia relating to your products, say pollination and honey bee facts for a honey business, facts about cocoa for a chocolate making business. This creates value for people who read them, gives them information about little known things and stirs up interest in your products and services.

9. Share Feedback

A good business strategy would involve sharing feedback from customers about their experiences with use of your products or services. First hand feedback like sharing a note or email written by a customer will add that personal touch which is very essential in the very impersonal web space.

10. Get personal!

Small business owners – revealing a glimpse of your personal life to your customers and prospects can be very beneficial for your business. This will create some form of relationship with your audience, showing them that you are not invisible and invincible. Replying to comments personally is also powerful, showing your audience that you are just one status update or comment away!


There are of course potentially hundreds of other things you can easily implement to get your audience engaged… what’s important for you to do is to take action – and analyse how well you are doing it.

Remember, your small biz’ social media presence should have set goals in mind; working on your social media accounts for the wrong reason (e.g. because everyone is doing it!) won’t get your social media efforts far.

Social media marketing, if done right, can be a game changer for your business. Be sure to do it right and do the right thing!

While you are at it, please kindly share your tips on how you use social media for your small business by leaving a comment below.

Good luck in your social media endeavour!