10 Quality Fiverr Gigs that can Help you and your Small Business Grow

Bootstrappers: This blog post might be the one you want to read entering 2013. Why? Because I will share my Top 10 list of Fiverr gigs you can make use of to help you grow your business – on a budget!

top fiverr gigs

Have you heard about Fiverr? If you haven’t, it is a rapidly growing site in which users can offer their services for $5 (hence the name…) Today, some of the sellers offer “top-ups” that add value to their $5 service, but the core service is still $5 per gig.

“Gig” refers to a service offered by sellers. It can be anything, ranging from business promotion (e.g. I will promote your business on my Twitter account for $5) to weird stuffs (e.g. I will hula hoop in a bikini and say whatever you like for $5.)

Now, when it comes to business-related gigs, many dismiss Fiverr as the right place to hire “freelancers”, as they are said to be low in quality, useless, and so on. But in my case, there are hidden gems out there you will discover when you spend time to find quality gigs… and a budget to test them out.

So, if you are considering to use Fiverr to find gigs that can help you in your endeavour, you are reading the right blog post, because here I will share my 10 hand-picked services that can definitely help you and your small business – for $5 each! Here they are:

1. Business gigs by “bizgrowcoach”

I am a big fan of a particular Fiverr user, “bizgrowcoach.” Every gig he has brings value to entrepreneurs and business owners. Ranging from planning checklist for a Kickstarter campaign to personal business plan template for direct marketers.

The $5 gigs are just the tip of the iceberg; the real value comes in the form of “gig extras” – basically offering more services provided by sellers: Business coaching. “bizgrowcoach”‘s real name is Marty Koenig (I researched him on Google!) – Founder and CEO of CxO To Go LLC, a reputable consulting firm for startups and established businesses. He is nominated a 2011 CFO of the year by a local US journal and writes for business publications.

2. Elevator speech consultant

“jerryskc” (real name, Jerry Smith) offers an elevator speech or 30 seconds intro writing service. It’s a valuable service, as we all know (or should know) the importance of elevator speech for our business. If you know the right answer to “what do you do?” question, you are on the way to success!

3. Business plan writing

While I haven’t discovered any gigs offering “real” business plan (with $5, that’s quite difficult to find!) this gig definitely helps you with a decent quality business plan as the starter plan for you to refine and develop upon.

4. Business publicity ideas

It’s nice to have quantifiable services, but sometimes ideas are what you really need to get started. This gig is one of those gigs; for $5, “anarchofighter” will show you how to get free publicity for your business.

You will get a custom media angle or strategy for your business publicity. Additionally, the seller will show you the necessary elements of every media release.

This gig is backed with money back guarantee – not many do so 🙂

5. Professional virtual assistant

Ah, virtual assistants… a talented group of people who do the dirty job for you and your business: Secretarial works, data entry works, cold calling, business promotion, etc. They are so important in my virtual business journey, and I would like to highlight one of many virtual assistants I recommend that will give you the best bang for your buck. Meet “ratedkg.”

Based in one of the most popular countries for outsourcing, Philippines, “ratedkg” can help you with almost anything you have in mind: Data entry, online research, transcription, blogging, social media management, making calls… the list could go on and on, because this guy delivers. The service fee? Just $5/2-hour!

I have personally hired him, and all I can say that if you want a VA who knows how to play the game, he’s the man. Check out his gig.

6. Banner and header design

Design matters – especially in web-based marketing! If you are looking for a talented designer to help you with your marketing material, “dolce2011” can give you the best value for your money. He/she can give you professional looking banner, header, Facebook timeline photo and Google+ cover photo. Visit dolce2011’s gig to see some example and buy the gig.

“dolce2011” is one of the top-rated sellers: With more than 900 positive reviews, there are definitely some reasons why this seller rocks!

7. Business coaching

For just $5, “coachsami” will coach you through a business challenge you face in your entrepreneurial journey. She will give you expert insights and ideas to conquer your challenge.

“coachsami” is a certified Martha Beck business coach. I almost can’t believe it the coaching is available for just $5, honestly.

8. Legal advice

Need some personal or legal advice without the expensive legal fees? On Fiverr, you can have it for $5. “provenfighter” is a licensed attorney in good standing with a practice that includes Family Law, Criminal Defense and Bankruptcy issues. He also appears on local radio and TV as a legal correspondent.

9. Business naming ideas

I’m not sure whether “bizwyz” has background in business or not, but he can definitely help you with the naming of your business brand or domain name. Based on the buyer’s reviews, “bizwyz” has a knack to translate buyers’ specs into great business names.

10. Mobile app building

Everything-mobile is on the rise, and your business needs more than websites to attract and engage customers and potential customers. For $5, “ttzachii” will build you a mobile app for your company, website or brand. The built app is compatible with IOS, Android, Windows Mobile and so on.

I recommend you to consider the gig extras, from where you can choose to include more design options to your app, such as logos and images, as well as getting your app on app marketplaces, such as the App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Mobile Phone App Store.

So, there you go – Biz Penguin’s top 10 Fiverr gigs for business. How about you? Have you bought a gig on Fiverr for your business and happy with the results? Please share your favourite gigs on the comment section below.