Work-Life Balance: How to Design the Perfect Home Office to Suit your Lifestyle

The way we live and work has changed quite dramatically in just one generation and now many people earn a living by working from home or do not have to commute to do their work.

work life balance

This is an opportunity for a better work/life balance but it also presents a challenge if you have to share the same space with your home and work needs, so a successful design for your home office is essential for it to be workable.

Planning your office space

Some people find working from home a very easy transition after maybe years of commuting but others find it a bit of a challenge at first when you consider all the distractions that are around you.

You need to look at the space that you have available and decided whether you can afford to devote a spare room to creating an office environment or whether you will have to share the space and will need the flexibility and organisational skills to make it work.

You can get some good ideas of office furniture and designs from a company such as Rapid Office Systems, so that you maximise the usability of your space and can work comfortably and without distractions when you need to.

Colour scheme and design

There are so many different colour schemes and designs to choose from it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. The best approach is often to decide what look and functionality you want and then try to either immerse your workspace into your existing colour scheme or purposely create a distinctive office area through design.

home office design
photo credit: Jeremy Levine


If you are trying to soften the look and make a busy office space feel less like a conventional office so that it blends into your existing home environment, you should probably choose a calming colour scheme with fairly neutral tones such as grey and pale yellow which will be soothing to the spirit and the eye.

Vertical space

If you are limited on space or want to cut down on the clutter that your home office can create then make sure that you make full use of the vertical space that you have available.

Look at installing tall units with sliding doors so that all your office clutter can be hidden away when you have finished working and if you want to open up the space as much as possible from a visual point of view, use a mirrored front, which will help to create the illusion of space and create more light in the room as well.

Combining with your living space

It is a difficult balancing act to make a multi-purpose room work well without getting a somewhat chaotic look if the design is not well-planned.

The answer is often to invest in enough storage or buy a desk that has plenty of storage options so that you can exercise some control over clutter and keep paperwork away from children if they are sharing the space at the end of your work day and want to some homework or surf the internet.

The work/life balance is not just about being disciplined in your work and not being distracted, it is also about making sure that you design the perfect office space to meet your needs.

About the Author: Isabella Hardy is a veteran interior designer. She enjoys designer practical and beautiful spaces for the home.