Qualities of a Good Boss

For any business to be successful, good management is vital. Some managers have seen small businesses become giant enterprises in the respective industries while others have terribly failed. Good managers possess some unique qualities, which makes them successful in handling organization resources. Effective workforce management calls for a leader who has the capacity to marshal their efforts toward the organizational goal. Depending on the leaders’ strategy to meet the organization’s goal effectively, there are good and bad bosses. This article analyses some qualities of a good boss.

good leader

A Communicator

Communication is a vital management tool. A manager should be skilled with perfect communication strategy. A good boss understands the workforce and is able to address their issue amicable in efficiently and effectively. Managers use communication strategies to motivate, inspire, communicate change, emphasize on the organization culture and resolve disputes. A good boss allows both formal and informal communication systems. Proper communication strategy empowers and motivate workers. Good managers encourage both upward and downward communication channel in their business.

A Leader

A good boss is a team leader. There is a big difference between a leader and a manager. A leader shows employees’ direction towards achieving business goal while a manager utilizes their potential to achieve the set goals. A leader, instill discipline, delegate responsibilities and provide direction. A good boss should have multiple leadership attributes and skills. They should constantly create value through pioneering new grounds and unlike managers, a good boss should enjoy working in new areas. A good boss is an individual who leads by influence rather than coercion. Usually, good leaders constantly offers challenge to their employees through their innovative power. Good example of such leaders are Tim Cook and Steve Jobs, owing to their innovative powers.


One cannot excel in any management area without being passionate about the job. A boss need to enjoy his daily tasks and constant relation with employees. Passionate bosses never seek their own satisfaction but always put the interest of their workers in front. A good boss is cheerful of the organization goals, achievements and challenges encountered during management. Passion drives bosses to find better ways of handling their employees in any situation.

A Relationship Builder

A boss needs to have a good interpersonal qualities. As mediators and liaison officers within and outside organizations, they should be relationship builders. Good relationship in an organization on itself is a motivation to employees. Good relationship promotes organization culture and values among stake holders. Consequently, team work and unity is created in such relations. A good boss will use his interpersonal skills to increase business productivity though good relations with suppliers and consumers. A boss with good interpersonal skills make employees feel valued in the organization. Valued employees are motivated workforce who strive hard to achieve the organization goals. A good boss rewards outstanding performers, respect the team, is humble and appraise his employees. Usually, such managers create schedules meetings and informally interacts with their employees. Employees uses such opportunity to air their grievances, which may create impact on their productivity and job satisfaction.

A Hard Worker

A good boss should have conceptual skills. The skills enable him understand the organization structures, processes and outcome, which are useful in resource allocation and creation of success indicators. Based on their evaluations, good managers are always ready to sweat to ensure the organization goals are met. A hardworking boss acts as an example to the employees. Weather at the tactical or operational level, a good manager is always ready to lead by example. Some managers even join their employees at operational level to showcase their ability and also to motivate employees.

About the Author: Joshua Turner is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to business. In this article, he describes the characteristics of a good boss and aims to encourage further study with a MBA Online Marketing.