Where Should You Be Relocating Your Business to?

Now that the economy is well and truly on the mend and the nation’s finances are above the level of the 2008 slump, your business might be finally starting to think about relocating. With that little bit of extra cash flow on your books, whether you’re a home business thinking about taking the big step of leasing a proper office space, or you’re an already established business with an office looking to up-scale, now could be a good time. There’s one thing that might still be in your way, though: where in the UK is best suited for your company’s needs? Read on to find out.

The “Niceness” of the North East

Newcastle Gateshead

Commonly described as one of the friendliest and affable places in the world, the north east of England which includes Newcastle, Durham, Middleburgh and Sunderland is a great place to relocate your company to if you’re going to be looking for staff who are charming, polite and charismatic. This might explain why most of the UK’s call centers are in and around the northeast.

The Affordability and Practicality of Edinburgh

Edinburgh street

With the recent talk of Scottish independence, you might be unsure whether moving your business to Scotland would be a sensible idea. However, Edinburgh has a lot to offer any business. With excellent connections to the rest of Scotland, as well as direct trains and flights to London, and a huge financial sector, there’s every reason to keep Edinburgh on the table.

The Northern Charm of Leeds or Manchester

Manchester, England

Not only is the north of England significantly les expensive than the south, it’s also commonly regarded as a more relaxed, friendly place to live and work, and this comes across in the employment opportunities available in places like Leeds and Manchester. With an excellent service sector and inexpensive offices, the north makes the perfect place to set up shop.

Everything All the Time of London

London, England

London might be expensive, but the reason for that is that you get access to some of the finest office locations in the world, with thousands of people looking for work, a global transport network at your feet, and much more. If you can afford it, London is the place to be. Even if you can’t afford, it you could always get a virtual office in London to give you a great outward appearance to any potential clients.

So there you have it – just a few of the places around the UK that you could be relocating your company to.

Photo credits: Ian Britton, vgm8383, Giuseppe Moscato, Nietnagel