What Businesses Should Know About Asset Labels

If you work in a busy environment which is constantly buzzing with the sound of heated exchanges of opinion, telephone calls and prompt meetings, it’s possible that you might have forgotten something. When everyone’s workload is too much, forgetting the basics such as maintaining a clean and tidy office can often be put to one side.

asset labels

Where is it?

The main advantage of having a clean workspace is that it’s easier to find everything. Asset labels are something that can help with maintaining an office or warehouse. How they work is, when stuck onto a piece of kit such as a desktop or laptop computer, items become instantly identifiable, therefore making them easier to find.

The user’s name could be placed on each asset label, as could that of the owner. The company address, along with a unique code that’s given to each item for security purposes, could also feature on asset labels; this makes spotting anything adorned with them if, for example, they’re piled high in a closet or lost amid a sea of paperwork.

Keeping it safe

One of the main reasons why some firms have decided to take the plunge and use asset labels for all their most important pieces of tech is that they offer a little more security against theft, loss and/or criminal damage. When something’s stolen, trying to trace it back is difficult; but not if it has an asset label on it, complete with a unique code and name/address details.

Using the code on each asset label, you can track the item by recording it on paper or in a spread-sheet document and informing the police in the event of theft.

If criminals see an asset label, then they’re less likely to steal it because it looks like it’s been safeguarded. Alongside a sophisticated security system, they can help to protect your business against any kind of theft.

Improving office management

Along with improving security of your assets and making everything easier or organise, asset labels could also make office management a little bit easier. Sharing different pieces of kit is easier, especially if everyone in the office uses the same brand of laptop, external hard drive or USB flash drive.

Stuart Jailler from Seareach Ltd has this top tip about making good use of asset labels. He said:

“For a low cost, thousands of pieces of a corporations’ electronic equipment can be marked with an asset identification label and tracked in inventory software.

“From loaning equipment between departments, through to the effective control of company assets, this is an essential part of business housekeeping that is often overlooked”, he added.

Photo credit: Custom Labels Ltd 2012