Want to Become a Pinterest Warrior? Here is How (Infographic)

Today’s connected world contains over 10 billion connected devices and accounts for over 1.5 billion monthly social media users. Pinterest accounts for around 70 million of these active users.

Pinterest Warrior infographic cover

Pinterest is playing an important role in social networks pushing a more visually optimized experience for their users. Where Facebook made photos a vital part of online social media interaction, companies like Instagram and Pinterest have taken this idea to the next level with social networks that function almost exclusively on visual content.

Perhaps no social network though is quite as genius when it comes to business use and marketing than Pinterest. The photo social network is practically built and designed just for sharing purchasable things. Where Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram users are sharing photos of vacations, family, concerts, etc. Pinterest users are sharing products! From tattoo ideas to dresses, decorations, and recipes to try, Pinterest posts almost exclusively consist of calls to action for purchasing.

Gaining a faithful following on Pinterest can be beneficial to your business, product, or service. Pinterest provides a beautiful space for sharing beautiful things, so if you’re niche is art, food, home d├ęcor, or anything worth looking at, start an account and get pinning. You’ll need a bit of background info and know-how first however.

Take a look at this infographic “How to Become a Pinterest Warrior” for an in depth walk through of Pinterest by the numbers and what it takes to gain a following. Pinterest is a combination of social engagement, product marketing, sharing, and strategic use of content. You’ll learn what separates Pinterest from other social networks as well as learn about some true Pinterest warriors with millions of followers.

So take a look, hone your business strategy, create some boards, get to pinning, and earn your title as Pinterest warrior!

How to become Pinterest Warrior infographic

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