Three Simple Business Ideas for People Who Want to Work from the Computer

Running a business is something that was once out-of-the-question for the vast majority of us. In order to start a company and begin turning a profit, you would need to have a lot of specialist knowledge, not to mention a brilliant idea, a hefty amount of capital and a team of staff that were willing to put their faith in you.

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Today though that’s all changed, and it’s largely thanks to the ubiquity of the computer. Thanks to computers and the internet, we can now create things much more easily without having to invest money. It’s now easy to market and sell products to millions of people without ever having to spend a dime, and anything you don’t know or don’t understand can be looked up in seconds. The barriers are gone, and now business is open to anyone who’s willing to give it a shot.

But you still need an idea, and that’s where many of us will still struggle. If you’re looking for a good business idea that you can turn into an actual enterprise then, see if one of the following computer-focussed jobs takes your fancy.

Selling an eBook, DVD or Games

Selling a digital product is a fantastic way to make a lot of money from nothing. The great thing about digital products is that they cost nothing to create and that they can be distributed completely freely and easily. An eBook can be 10,000 words and take you a few days to write, but then if you know how to promote it you can sell it for $30 a pop and keep 100% of the profits.

And if you don’t like the sounds of selling entirely online, you can always have your book/program/fitness DVD printed onto some CDs and start selling them the old fashioned way – through eBay or at markets.

Buying and Selling

Speaking of eBay, there are a lot of other ways to make money through the auction site too. One of the best of those is simply to buy and sell products. Find a cheap product you can buy in bulk for a reasonable price, come up with a way to add value to it, then simply sell that on for more on the same site and by promoting your shopfront through social media.

Write or Design

If you know how to write or if you are good with a digital pen, then you could alternatively sell your services directly to clients. Go to a webmaster forum, or to a site like oDesk, E-Lance or even LinkedIn, and from there you can promote your services to other people who work online and start getting paid immediately. Fiverr is also a great place to sell yourself, and if you prefer to manage then you can always buy and sell writing and design jobs and just act as a middle man.

These are just three business ideas that can help you to start making money from your computer right away. There are many others, and if you’re smart there needn’t be any risk or investment necessary. So what’s stopping you?

About the Author: The author of this post, Philip Smith, enjoys blogging about his work at 3xL. He shares his opinions and suggestions regarding technology. Whenever he is in the mood, he also enjoys experimenting with food.

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