The Top 10 Project Management Blogs to Follow

Whether you’re a project manager or simply interested in the complex workings of this unique industry, staying up to date on the latest news can be something of a challenge. With so many great blogs on the subject, you might wonder where to begin. Follow these top ten project management blogs for a unique perspective on the management industry.

project management blogs

Deep Fried Brain
Hosted by a self-proclaimed certified PMP and IT manager, this Singapore-based blogger uses fresh perspective in his unconventional management blog. He offers comprehensive study guides and advice for those who need to sit for the PM certification exam.

Fear No Project
Written and developed by project manager Bruce McGraw, this blog features advice on project management as well as the influence of technology and managing people in a professional setting. 

A Girl’s Guide to Project Management
With a host of blogging awards under her belt, project manager Elizabeth Harrin offers readers expert advice from a female perspective. Realizing in 2006 that very few project management literature came from a female voice, Harrin started the blog to shine the light on women in project management.

Guerrilla Project Management
International PMP Samad Aidane presents 18 years of project management experience into a creative and well-organized industry blog. He invites professionals in the management industry to guest post and hopes to develop a free exchange of management strategies.

The Lazy Project Manager
Consultant Peter Taylor leads this blog of sound advice and the latest in project management issues. With almost three decades of professional experience, Taylor offers his wisdom with a tongue-in-cheek approach that appeals to many readers.

Founded in 2006, pmStudent specifically targets those still in school to become project leaders and professionals. Led by Margaret Meloni of Meloni Coaching Solutions, Inc., this blog centers on advice for students and new professionals.

Project Times
Project Times has been around since the mid-1990s in some form or fashion. Initially a paper newsletter, this comprehensive entity morphed into one of the top project management blogs in existence focusing on the latest news and issues in the management industry.

Ranked as a top project management blog of 2012, Shim Marom offers an unconventional approach to management blogging. He uses his blog as a general platform to discuss different approaches not only in project management but in general management principles as well.

Netherlands-based Bas de Baar brings to life his unique vision of project management in an unconventional blog. He uses visual layouts to design complex projects and encourages his readers to explore nontraditional ways of solving problems.

The Tao of Project Management
Written by a retired PMP with decades of experience, this blog centers on simplistic policies and procedures in the fast-paced industry of project management. The blog features a clean, simple layout and sage advise from an experienced veteran.

Project management leaders dedicate themselves and their teams to producing quality work. Each of these blogs takes a closer look at this remarkable industry, offering different perspectives from a broad range of industry leaders.


About the author: Sally writes for Milestone Consulting the Primavera software training specialists with nearly two decades of experience.

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