The Guide to a Happy Office (Infographic)

Keeping everything under control in an office can be hard work. As your business begins to grow, so will your team, and with this comes great responsibility.

The first hurdle that you need to cross is finding an office which is in a location which works well for all employees and clients (should they need to visit you). This can be quite the challenge, as all businesses are usually striving for a spot in a location with easy access to public transport.

Happy office

The first place that office-seekers tend to head to is a central spot, like London, for example. Now, this is excellent if you have the money as it is a well known location that everyone will be able to get to easily, not to mention it will give your business a good reputation! Unfortunately, though, large costs come with a central office space, which can be rather off-putting for smaller companies and start ups.

A great hack that will help you get around this is to research in to surrounding areas, as these all have rail networks but are slightly isolated from the hustle and bustle of commuters. So, once again, if you are interested in the London area, then a great idea would be to look for serviced offices in Farringdon from loc8 – particularly useful for creative, media and business services sectors.

Once you’ve moved in to that perfect office, you’ll be wanting to implement some rules so that it remains an environment full of pride and passion. Micro-managing is very rarely the best option, so it is worth taking a look at this infographic which’ll take you through 10 office commandments that’ll stop the petty arguments and allow a workforce to focus on business and teamwork!

10 Office Commandments infographic