Team Building Idea: Want to Race a Ferrari 355?

Want your new team members to gel well with the existing team members? Want to inspire your business team? Want to reward your staff for achieving the business goals? Instead of doing on-office-premise social activities, you might want to consider doing team building events.

A team building event is typically being held indoor or in the woods, but if you want to offer an idea that will leave a lasting impression on your team members, there is one idea you can consider.

How does driving a Ferarri 355 on a race track sound?

Ferrari 355

Why outbound vehicle-based team building events

While golfing and hiking are great examples for team building events, something that includes adrenaline rush is probably better in giving the much-needed awkward-busting and relationship-building among team members.

Not stopping there, vehicle-based event can promote competition and collaboration among team members. Rooting for your team members to beat the time of the other teams will inspire your team, for sure. Hoovercrafting, rafting, speedboating, 4×4 wheel driving, ATV driving, race car driving. The choice is yours.

There are event companies that specialize on race track-related corporate hospitality and team building in the UK. Here are 3 of them:

1. Bruntingthorpe Events

Bruntingthorpe Events, based in Leicester is one of the event companies that offer unique opportunities for a race on track. Offered via their Big Thunder Events, Bruntingthorpe Events arranges vehicle-based events for groups of up to 100 people.

The Bruntingthrope features a 6.4km circuit with an amazing 3.2km straight track that accommodates any kind of racing, from fun and leisure to the competitive ones.

The Big Thunder driving experience will let you drive using various vehicles: Arie Atom, Ferarri 355, 4×4 off-roader, Pro Kart, and even a truck.

There is a day-long itinerary you can choose, but you can get a custom plan that will best-fit your choice of vehicle and budget.

2. ACF Teambuilding and Events

Based at Aldwick Court Farm and Vineyard, near Blagdon Lake, south of Bristol, ACF Teambuilding and Events one of the South West’s top team building and outbound companies. They own over 300 acres of land that feature race and tank driving tracks, which also include 4×4 off-road track.

This company features the ultra-popular ‘It’s A Knockout’ inflatables.

3. The Wright Event

The Wright Event has been around for 20 years and touted to have the best off-road driving centre in the South East UK. Based at Ashtree Farm in Kent countryside, you will also have access to more than 200 acres of orchards, woodland and open fields.

The vehicle-based team building events you can organise with The Wright Event include quad biking safaris, 4×4 off-road driving, Apache rally cars, among other outdoor activities.


Probably the best thing about vehicle-based events is the fact that you and your team members get the opportunity of a lifetime to race on a racetrack. it’s an inspiring, confidence-boosting activity that can only do good for your business.

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