A Startup Project That Will Make Guest Blogging Easier

Blogging is, hands down, one of the best ways to build strong authority in the certain niche.  This can mean a world for your fresh startup, or a new website that needs to attract internet traffic.  Even many powerhouse brands have benefited a great deal from the guest blogging.

Still, some people look at this practice as a clandestine way to boost Google rankings and trick the almighty search engine deity. Pay no heed to such notions, because guest posts are not mere tools for self-promotion. They are valuable sources of information, and are judged based on that criterion.


A digging site

Assuming you already have specific content in mind, one of the first things to consider are your blogging goals. They most often include building a name for yourself in the industry, increasing the exposure of your website and assembling backlinks. This means you are also supposed to determine which kind of blogs you want to submit your posts to. Thus, bloggers need to engage in constant digging for guest post opportunities.

It all starts and ends with Google searches, and there are some obvious keywords relating to guest posting you can try out. After that, you will probably land on a guest post guideline page. Read the instructions, and make an effort to personalize your messages. Even with all these measures, this is still a hit and miss process that feels like looking for a needle in a haystack.

A blog that has a large and engaged audience is an obvious choice.  Content that is shared on social networks and is creating buzz always provides numerous exposure benefits. See how other guest posts are doing and who their authors are, which will give you an idea about your own odds. Another thing you will learn this way is what kind of topic you should pitch to the blog owner.


Building solid foundations

It helps if you already know some like-minded startups or prolific bloggers in your niche. Feel free to reach them out, or contact sites that feature their posts. Furthermore, tools like Open Site Explorer provide insights into backlinks of your competitors, which can help you stay ahead of the curve.  Social networks must also be on your blogging radar because accomplished bloggers often post on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

All these activities encompass the old school way of looking for guest posting opportunities. So, it turns out that one of the most difficult tricks of the trade is finding other great blogs that are worth collaborating with. Researching tons of content and going through dozens of search queries is not easy, but we finally have the instrument to put this process on the right track.

With a link building tool Dibz, the latest startup project, it is possible to identify only the best possible websites for your posts. Quickly accessing the quality of your link prospects enables users to discard irrelevant results that are a waste of time and energy. This startup project is something that can propel your posts to spread across the blogosphere like wildfire.  One link is dime in a dozen, but a few dozen of them are already a chain that could become a mighty weapon for achieving greatness.


Get yourself connected

Success rates of guest posting outreach have never been better. Becoming a familiar face in the blogging landscape, though, is no cakewalk. Until you can enjoy the constant barrage of likes, shares, and tweets, you need to fire quite a few shots yourself. Try to gain recognition from those who assumed a position of authority and invest time in a search for opportunities. Know that it could take forever to browse a myriad of blogs, so see to it that you equip yourself with powerful tools. Fellow startups can be of great help here, so get yourself connected and well-linked.