Small Business Security – 5 Tips Every Business Can Benefit From 

When it comes to keeping your business secure there are numerous different things you can do. For example, you could use CCTV whether you set up your own cameras or use a package deal instead they are both effective ways to secure your business premise. Or you could have a more sophisticated lock system set-up and that’s just a couple of the possibilities.

Thanks to developments and innovations in the security industry businesses now have a lot of different ways to ensure their premise is secure. Below, I’ve outlined 5 tips to help ensure your business is always as safe as possible from all kinds of threats.

Security officer monitoring CCTV cameras


It might seem like CCTV is everywhere these days but it does provide a valuable service and many great benefits when it comes to business security. CCTV is essential if you want to ensure your business as a record of events if something happens.

But it is also an effective way to prevent issues from occurring in the first place as well. CCTV is something that can be utilized in a number of different ways as well. You could have your own cameras or use a remote CCTV monitoring package where people outside your business will monitor the cameras for you.

If a problem is spotted then security personal or the relevant local authority can then be alerted. CCTV is arguably essential these days when it comes to business security and it is a very effective way to ensure your business is secure.

Carry Out Regular Inspections

One tip to improve business security is to ensure you carry out regular inspections of your business premises and digital infrastructure. Don’t take things for granted alarms can suffer faults, doors can get damaged and not lock properly and plenty of things can affect your business’ security.

So, regularly inspect your business premise to ensure you spot potential problems before they turn into more serious security risks. Try to do this once a week and train at least a few of your employees to do it as well just in case.

Protect Computer Terminals

Business security doesn’t just mean you need to think about remote CCTV monitoring or ensuring things like doors and windows are secure. You also need to consider the risk of people accessing information they shouldn’t.

Any computers should not only be password protected but they should also be locked when not in use. This might seem like common sense but many offices and other business premises will get into the bad habit of leaving computers unprotected. It only takes a few seconds for people to access sensitive information from a computer so always ensure yours are protected.

Cyber Security

Let’s stick with computers, shall we? Business security doesn’t just mean you need to ensure any computers on the premise are securely locked when not in use and password-protected, you also need to consider the risk of cyber-crimes.

Criminals can steal from your business without even needing to step foot on the premise! So, ensure you have anti-virus software for your computer system and make sure your staff is aware of the possible cyber security risks.

Don’t keep passwords on display and remember to keep every area of your businesses digital platform safe. If you have a social media page for your business you don’t want anyone else to get access to it, do you?

Security officer

Security Alarms

Finally, let’s look at alarms every business premise should have one but there is a lot of variety when it comes to choosing one. A basic alarm might do the job but smart alarms offer much more innovative controls and monitoring.

Most alarms will utilise a code for safe operation though so make sure you and your employees know how to safely operate it. You should also make sure you never leave the alarm code on display or somewhere noticeable either.