Self Bunded vs. Bunded Tanks: 5 Reasons to Own a Self Bunded Tank

If you are in need of large quantities of fuel at your farm, work site, or company, self bunded tanks could be the answer. A self bunded tank is a fuel tank within another tank to safely store fuel or other liquids. These tanks are double walled to prevent any type of leaks to exit the tank and reduce service calls for tank technicians.

These tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes to service the smallest up to the largest size job sites and farms to allow for easy access to all types of fuels and liquids. They provide a safe and secure refueling station that is easy to maintain and environmentally friendly.

Each tank if bunded to 110% of the tanks capacity and are made from mild steel that has been pressure and hydrostatically tested. They contain internal baffles to make transporting safe and easy.

Self bunded tank
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There are many reasons why you would want to choose a self bunded tank over a standard one and these 5 reasons will explain why.


One of the biggest advantages of going with a self bunded tank it the overall savings you will net. On average, a self bunded tank will cost you about 50% less than a standard bunded tank (single walled) and building a bund. This is due in part to the manufacturing costs of having the bund built in on a self bunded tank rather than having it done afterwards.

Another great cost savings is the self bunded tanks self contain any spills or ruptures from the inner tank. This prevents you from having to have a technician come out and repair them and have your spill cleaned up, which can get pretty costly depending on the size of the spill.

By purchasing your own self bunded tank and keeping up with the required maintenance, you can see a shelf life of up to 25 years on a single tank. To put that into perspective, you can calculate how many fuel trips you currently take and compare that cost to the cost of a tank and its refueling costs to easily see how much you could be saving.

Environmentally Friendly

The tanks are made with one specific purpose and that is to prevent fuel or other liquids from leaking out of the tank. This greatly reduces the chances of any fuel or liquids reaching the environment and keeps local agriculture safe from any contamination.

Many of these self bunded tanks are certified to local standards to ensure that your fuel storage container complies with local environmental legislation. Failure to do so may result in a spill or a heavy fine from local authorities, both of which will cost you time and money for your business. This can be avoided by ensuring that yours is certified before hand and checking with your local compliance laws.


A self bunded tank is one of the most convenient and versatile fuel storage solutions available. For those who are working on a large job site, the drop and go option allows for the fuel tank to easily be picked up and moved safely to your next site. This is a huge help when you are having to move from job site to job site every few months as it will cut down on time which will save you money in the long run.

Each tank, no matter what the size is, has convenient transportation options that allow for you to have the tank moved to your discretion. Depending on the size, some of these tanks can be easily moved with equipment that you have on site which makes for a quick move in the case of an emergency.

These tanks are also very versatile on what they are able to store. They are also great for storing gasoline, lubricants, waste oil, kerosene, and diesel. This allows you to keep a few on hand to store just about any type of liquid that you would need on your job site to minimize downtime from having to make trips to refuel or refill.

Easy Maintenance

Due to the way that these tanks are manufactured, maintenance is much easier than with a bunded tank. With the double wall construction, you can easily maintain any problems or maintenance items without having to worry about problems that you may run into with a bunded tank.

Since the self bunded tanks are essentially a tank within a tank, any damage to the outside that needs to be repaired or maintained can be done so without having to drain the main tank or worrying about spillage.

Keeps Your Fuel Secure

Self bunded tanks are built to ensure that your fuel stays as safe and secure as possible from both damage and thieves. Fuel is a precious commodity and often the target of thieves. These tanks are the most secure way to store fuel and have multiple security features to ensure that no one accesses your fuel except you.

With the versatility of easy transporting, you can easily move your tank into a more secure area if you are going to be away from your job site for long periods of time. This is a great feature to have when working in areas that are prone to natural disasters and flooding.

The tanks also protect your fuel from damage from nearby equipment as well. Bunded tanks can be penetrated by heavy machinery causing leakage, time and money. The double wall construction of a self bunded tank helps to reduce these chances and makes for a safer work environment.


Self bunded tanks are offered in many different sizes to accommodate for any size job. They provide many advantages over bunded ones and allow you to keep your job fueled up safely and easily. Check out the various sizes and features of these tanks to find out which size and type will be the best fit your job site or farm.