Safety in The Workplace During The Pandemic

Whatever industry you’re in right now, the covid-19 pandemic will be having an impact on you. Perhaps it is affecting your supply chain, or it means that not all of your staff are able to work from the office – even if it’s not affecting your business directly, there’s a good chance your employees’ (mental or physical) wellbeing could be taking a knock, and you will need to up your health and safety provisions.

Businesswoman wearing mask at work
photo credit: Engin Aykurt / Pexels


If your staff have to come into contact with one another and aren’t able to work remotely, you can really reduce the spread of covid-19 by asking them to wear masks where possible. Searching for branded face masks UK will allow you to get your business logo printed onto face masks for some clever branding, as well as protection. If your staff are customer-facing or have to go into someone’s home, for example, a branded mask will look more professional than a personal mask.

Encourage self-isolation when needed

As much as you want your staff to be present at work, it is vital that everyone knows that if they have any of the three key symptoms – a temperature, a new and persistent cough, or a change in their ability to smell and taste – they must stay home for at least ten days from when the symptoms start. They should endeavor to get a test and keep the company informed so that they can do what they can to help reduce any risks.


It’s time to increase the level of cleaning in your workspace. Encourage staff to clean equipment before and after use by using posters as a reminder and having cleaning supplies readily available. Be sure to clean germ hotspots such as switches, door handles, and even kettles regularly. Where possible, ask staff to bring in their own mugs and cutlery to avoid any sharing of these items. Otherwise, you may wish to have some recyclable or compostable, disposable options available.

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Keep it well ventilated

Ventilation is vital in reducing the risk of passing the virus on, and as we move into colder weather, this might be harder to maintain. Keeping doors and windows open where possible will be a big help, but remember that fire doors should still remain securely closed. It’s okay to still use air conditioning or fans, but fresh air is preferable.

Space things out

Where possible, space out work stations so that everyone is able to maintain the 2-meter distance. This might mean moving desks or using overspill rooms. It may not be an ideal solution, but it may help reduce the risk and make your employees feel more comfortable.

These things will only be temporary, and by making small adjustments now, you could save a lot of trouble in the long run. The more you can do to reduce the risk, the happier and healthier your workplace is going to be, and the better you can keep providing your goods or services as needed.