Removing Sticker Residue When Cleaning Your Office Space

Labels and stickers both serve important purposes for our daily lives, including in our work lives. We need labels to be able to quickly identify things and stickers are used on almost every product so we can tell how much it will cost. If you need to get the stickers or labels off of an item, it can definitely be a little bit annoying. Getting the sticker or label off might actually wind up being somewhat easy, especially if you used glass easy peel labels.

If you didn’t make use of an easy-to-remove label, then sticker residue can be a real pain to try to clean up. Many people become incredibly frustrated by trying to get every last bit of sticker gunk off of a product. It can be maddening when you’re struggling with the final bits of the residue and just want it to be over with – especially when you’re busy with office work. You aren’t alone in feeling annoyed by this process but you should understand that there are some better ways you can go about the cleaning.

Laptop sticker to remove

Tips for Cleaning Sticker Residue

There are a few tips you can make use of that will make dealing with sticker residue much more manageable. The best method is to avoid having to do this at all by using removable labels but if you used other types of stickers, there are still some easy things that you can do to remedy the problem. The first thing you should note is that the method you use may have to differ depending on the surface you’re cleaning the residue off of. For instance, getting a sticker off of a document organizer is different than removing a sticker off of your office wall.

For most things, you should be able to remove the sticker residue with a little bit of warm, soapy water. You can take an old toothbrush and apply a mix of soapy water gently onto where the residue is present. After some time, you should be able to rub most of the residue off of your item. This method works best on items that are made of plastic, metal, and wood.

Removing sticker residue from office walls can be a little trickier. You don’t want to damage your walls so it is best to be careful while working. Try to remove as much of the sticker by hand as you can. Exercising a bit of patience and pulling up a bit of the sticker at a time can lead to good results. Afterwards, using a pencil eraser to gently rub away the residue is a tried-and-true method.

If you need to remove sticker residue from storage containers or a jar, then you should let them soak in soapy water. Labels won’t be too difficult to remove from items such as these as they will fall right off after a little soaking. Even the residue should fade away after a certain amount of soaking time. If your storage containers and jars are made of glass, it is recommended to use glass easy peel labels because they don’t leave behind a mess.

For plastic containers, you could use removable labels to alleviate your sticker residue woes. These types of labels come right off when you need them to without creating a mess.

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Don’t Shy Away From Labels and Stickers

Being annoyed about having to clean up sticker residue at your office shouldn’t make you want to shy away from using labels or stickers. For your labelling needs, it would be smart to use removable labels from now on. They’ll not leave behind the mess that caused your cleaning frustration in the first place. They’re readily available and quite affordable.

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