Ways to Reduce Business Running Costs Through your Commercial Van


Vehicle insurance can’t be avoided; it is the law.

Every small business running a commercial van knows that time must be spent shopping around for the best insurance policy, which gives the cover required at a price that is affordable. Wouldn’t it be great if you could reduce your premiums even further without having to go through any additional paperwork?

That’s exactly what the new Aviva Drive app offers. Utilising the GPS in your smart phone, Aviva Drive can monitor cornering, braking and acceleration skills. After at least 200 miles of monitoring, the app then gives you feedback on your driving skills, shows you how your score compares to the national average and calculates a personalised discount based on that score. Drivers scoring 7.1 or above on the app can obtain savings of up to £150 on Aviva comprehensive car insurance on average.

Van insurance

Keep Driving On A Flat

As a business your van is probably your most important asset, carrying tools, transporting equipment and most importantly getting you to the job that is to be done. With a steady increase in the number of UK van registrations since 2013, there is always the chance that if you can’t make it, your client will find someone else with a van within a very short space of time. A puncture is one of the most effective ways of losing business, especially if you are in rural areas where help can be some distance away.

Puncture Resistant Tyres can stay inflated for up to 80 miles after a puncture, depending on the model of the tyre. This gives you the opportunity to get your van into a local garage and repaired without losing any significant time in your working day.


Cheapest Most Effective Marketing

It is commonly known that word of mouth is the best form of marketing, so how do you get your name out there so that people will remember you?

One of the easiest ways to advertise in your local area is by advertising on your van. One of the most cost effective ways to do this is by using van wraps. Using what is known as a “conformable vinyl wrapping” material, a high-quality print or protective clear wrap can be moulded to almost any and every part of a vehicle. This method of advertising also gives one of the best ROI (low cost per impression) of any of the commonly used advertising methods today.

Easily utilised by any business, van wraps protect the body of the van whilst being used which is of benefit to anyone using a leased vehicle. Once the van is to be returned, the wrap may be removed and the van returned in good condition.

Vehicle wraps

Google Maps

Having Google Maps available on almost every smart phone available is a money saving bonus, helping you get men and machines to unfamiliar destinations efficiently. To make the most of this app, make sure you download the updated maps regularly and utilise the voice directions to eliminate constant glancing at the phone screen. Giving you a safer and more efficient journey.

Location finder

Access Is Important

When you decide it is time to invest in a van, through leasing or buying, one of the most important factors that will impact on your choice is access.

If you have to load pallets of materials onto the van, then a lift up tail gate is going to prevent fork lifts from being able to load your van from the rear. If you are working primarily in a city where parking is at a premium, then you may not have room at the rear to open doors fully to remove equipment. This is when side access is not only desirable but necessary. Deciding whether to have side doors on one side only is important also.

To invest in the purchasing or leasing of a van is a big step forward for many and time should be taken to ensure the van you are looking at matches your requirements. The time taken to load and offload a van is ideally to be kept to a minimum, make sure your van helps rather than hinders this effort.

Loading - offloading

Comfort During Work

The comfort of the driver and passengers in a van can have a knock on effect in many areas. Driving in a van for many hours with equipment rattling around right behind you can be irritating and affect concentration which in turn affects safety.

A bulkhead can make all the difference to driver and passengers. There are a number of companies who sell a variety of van bulkheads which cost an average of £200, there are many types designed for many van models of different years. A small price to pay for the benefits to those traveling in the van for any length of time.

Van bulkhead comfort driving

Your Office On The Move

If your business has a website, email address, mobile phone contact number, then people expect to be able to contact you almost immediately. A phone or laptop out of charge does not give a professional impression to prospective clients. Some of the first accessories that you should purchase for your shiny new van is a USB charger, preferably with two ports, charging cable for your phone and your laptop. This way you know that even as you finish one job and are about to leave for another you can answer emails on your laptop and return any missed calls or messages on your phone. In this world of instant access, answering an email at the end of the day can easily mean you lose work. Get into the habit of keeping your electronics fully charged and checking them frequently throughout the day.

Your van is truly one of your greatest assets, make sure you use it to its full potential.

Office on the move