Play Soccer, Generate Energy: Why SOCCKET is a Social Entrepreneurial Project to Watch

Are you looking for the next big thing that can offer people a way to enjoy their passion while changing their life? Are you looking for a revolutionary social-conscious startup to invest in? SOCCKET might be the answer for you.


Kickstarter remains one of my main sources for ideas and inspirations. There are simple, yet innovative ideas that are potentially life-hacking; or simply quirky products worth talking about (like this one.) This time, my attention was grabbed by a much-buzzed crowdfunding project – SOCCKET.

What is SOCCKET, anyway?

Are you passionate about soccer? Well, you might be very interested to know that SOCCKET is actually a soccer ball – with one major difference: It has the ability to generate kinetic energy using a patent-pending technology and store it for later use.

To make sense, let’s put it this way: As you play soccer with SOCCKET ball, it is actually generating and storing energy for you without you knowing it – later, you can use it as an energy source to power LED lamp, charge mobile devices, and so on.

A cool intro video to SOCCKET:

Here’s SOCCKET’s Kickstarter video:

…and here’s a good coverage on CNN:

How much energy does SOCCKET can generate? Well, 15-30 minutes of kicking the ball around the field can power a LED lamp for 3 hours or so.

I can see the light bulb and an “Aha!” popping inside your head: It is big solution, especially if you are involving in social entrepreneurial endeavours…

In places where electricity is scarce, such as many regions in developing countries, playing soccer can give brighter night.

If you are an educator, SOCCKET can be a great tool to teach people about renewable energy, lingering poverty and social entrepreneurship.

SOCCKET is a product of Uncharted Play, Inc., based in New York, USA – a for-profit social enterprise founded in May 2011 by Jessica O. Matthews and Julia Silverman. The company thrives in creating fun products and services that directly address social issues.

SOCCKET is currently being played and used in North America, South America, and Africa. The next plan is only logical: Worldwide expansion. The Kickstarter project I mentioned above will fund further production and product expansion.

The high-tech soccer ball has gained media attention, getting coverage from Popular Mechanics, TED, Oprah and BBC.

Future Uncharted Play’s product to watch: Ludo

Just like SOCCKET, Ludo is a smart soccer ball, with a fundamental difference: Ludo tracks the time you play with it; the wireless technology inside will upload your play time to The Play Fund, Uncharted Play’s social project funding platform. The play time, converted to Play Points, can be used to donate items to social development projects, worldwide.

A great, noble idea

There is a big perk becoming a sociopreneur: You can start and run a for-profit business that, at the same time, can impact your community.

I learn from SOCCKET that it doesn’t take a mega-solution to solve social problems; you don’t have to build mega-electricity-generator to bring electricity to the world; I learn that what it need is a tech solution attached to everyday products and/or activities.

Power-generating soccer ball, street walk, dance floor, and so on – things people often use for anything can be transformed into energy; ultra-renewable energy, actually. Then, what’s next? Power-generating basketball? Power-generating soccer field? The possibilities are limitless, but they need creative people who are passionate about building a business that matters to the society.

soccket led lamp

SOCCKET, as a project, is a worth-investing one. It’s socially-aware entrepreneurial project – you can make a real difference while generating profit along the way.

With soccer, one of the most popular sports in the world, the smart soccer ball’s target market is huge: Soccer clubs, social development centers and educational centers around the world.

I think SOCCKET is a brilliant product with great premise: On every sense, it is a worth-buying product and worth-investing project.

‘care to take part? Go to SOCCKET Kickstarter project page.

How about you? What do you think of the smart soccer ball? Will you take part supporting the startup and cause?