Offbeat Enterprises Showing The World How to Expand a Business

In recent times, getting ahead in business has been a challenge for every firm from the largest multinational to the smallest hyper-local company run out of a spare room. To try and ensure they get a head start, many newcomers to the business world are trying to sell innovative and niche products and services, and it is firms like those who are among the most likely to succeed.

In the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in the US, there were a number of quirky businesses which featured in the list. Here, we pick out four of the most interesting and talk about why they have succeeded where others have failed.


lumosity website screenshot

Specialising in the development of online and mobile ‘brain training’ games, Lumosity have managed to provide something which individuals, medical groups and even top universities need. Unsurprisingly, they’re based in California, where they’re managing to jostle successfully with other tech groups.

Goal Zero

goalzero solar panel product
photo credit: NordT

What has helped to make Goal Zero a big success since its founding in 2009 is the way in which it has harnessed solar technology. They make solar-powered recharging kits for a range of electrical appliances including TVs, smartphones, laptops and refrigerators. They are the fastest growing company in Utah according to Inc.


homewetbar product
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Selling a range of curious gifts aimed squarely at men, HomeWetBar have managed to carve a niche into a surprisingly competitive market. Golf-themed barbecue tools are among the many products they sell, which have helped them to become the 33rd fastest growing business in its native state of Oklahoma.

Doc Popcorn

doc popcorn
photo credit: asburyparksteve

Founded by a husband-and-wife partnership, this popcorn retailer has gained huge popularity in large parts of the US. What makes them stand out is that they sell popcorn using natural flavours, something which has helped their product to seem a little more alluring, and who doesn’t love a bag of the stuff?

Superfly Kids

superfly kids screenshot

Primarily specialising in fancy dress, Superfly Kids are a little different to ordinary retailers in this sector. They also sell customised superhero capes to anyone who requests them online. They also have special deals with major firms’ employees including those working for FedEx, giving them a big advantage over their rivals.

So, what’s your favourite in the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest growing companies? Please share yours and tell us why the company is cool.