9 Places in London your Start-Up Could Thrive

You might think, as a fledgling business owner, that renting an office in That London is far out of reach – it’s too expensive for you and it’ll never happen. However there are some pockets of cheaper office space if you’re prepared to look.

City of London

You may not have the pick of the finest commercial property St James has to offer, admittedly, but you can find office space to share with like-minded companies, where you can knuckle down and grow your enterprise.

Here’s where you should consider:

1. Clerkenwell

Clerkenwell, London, UK
photo credit: The Academy of Urbanism / Flickr

Clerkenwell was once a no-go area, but in recent years it’s been taken over by hipsters and coffee shops! There’s also loads of design agencies, cocktail bars, architect practices and more. Get in there quick while the area’s still rising, or you may be too late. The average desk price is £150pcm.

2. Islington

Islington, London, UK
photo credit: David Holt / Flickr

Islington is known for its unique bars and restaurants, as well as theatres and bars for after work. The average desk price is £199pcm.

3. Shepherd’s Bush

Shepherd's Bush, London, UK
photo credit: Jim Linwood / Flickr

Shepherd’s Bush is a great central location with lots of easy transport links to the rest of the city and beyond, so it’s no problem to get to meetings. The area is a hotspot for the more creative industries and start-ups and you can find desks for a mere £139pcm.

4. Bayswater

Bayswater, London, UK
photo credit: Ewan Munro / Flickr

Right next to Notting Hill and within easy reach of Hyde Park, Bayswater is surprisingly affordable, with desk prices starting at £150pcm.

5. Chelsea

Chelsea, London, UK
photo credit: Kostya Marchenko / Flickr

Chelsea is where a lot of the really successful companies are based and this can seem intimidating and off-putting. Don’t let it get to you – you never know who you’ll bump into and get some gems of advice from. You’ll be paying £200 for a desk every month, but it’ll be worth it.

6. Highbury

highbury, London, UK
photo credit: David Howard / Flickr

North London is more about parks and jogging, with a bit of brunch thrown in, but you can still find a decent rental here in this wealthy enclave. It’s a bit more expensive – you’re looking at around £300 per desk a month.

7. Southbank

Southbank, London, UK
photo credit: DncnH / Flickr

This central location lands you right in the heart of the arty quarter and it’s a great place for a start-up. You’ll be near London Bridge and desks cost around £160pcm.

8. Elephant and Castle

Elephant and Castle, London, UK
photo credit: Laszlo Ilyes / Flickr

The Elephant and Castle has been gentrified of late and many people want to live and work among its countless independent bars and restaurants. You can get creative at a desk for as little as £180pcm.

9. Bank

St. Paul's Cathedral, London, UK
photo credit: p&p / Flickr

As you might guess from the name, Bank is a bit more commercial, a bit more suit and tie. If your start-up is in the finance sector or something similar, then Bank could be the place for you. It’s in a central area and so you’re near all the transport links as well as the bigger landmarks like St Paul’s Cathedral.

Even better, office spaces can be amazingly cheap in Bank if you’re a very new start-up and you can pay as little as £120pcm