Master These 7 Powerful Emotional Triggers and You’ll Be Driving Sales Like It’s Nothing

When it comes to marketing, the aim is all about connecting with the customer and having them emotionally resonate with the messages you’re trying to send. Whether invoking emotion or getting them interested in what you have to say, it’s all about getting your customers to feel something.

It’s about psychological tapping into how your customer’s mind works and creating imagery that resonates with them, but this is obviously easier said than done.

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To help you on your journey here, we’re going to explore the seven powerful emotional triggers you can use in your day-to-day content and marketing strategies.

1. You Have Authority

Let’s start with authority. When people shop online, they want to shop in the very best places. If they want sports gear, they go to Nike. If they want clothes, they go to TopShop. People’s first place to shop is the places that are the authority, so you need to aim to be an authority within your market.

Do this through the content you create, the experience you give, and the social proof of said experience. This way, when people come across your business, you immediately have the impression they’re dealing with the best.

2. Urgency

Of course, urgency is a killer emotional trigger you should already know about, but it’s so powerful that it needs to be mentioned. Whether you’re offering a limited-time sale or you’re sharing the fact that time is running out, urgency creates urgency within people that makes them act now rather than thinking about what they’re doing.

3. Story-Telling

Everybody loves a story, and telling stories in your content and throughout your business is the best way to get people to connect to your message. Whether you’re detailing your journey through your about us page or sharing a case study of a customer in your content, stories are a great way to generate sales.

4. Basic Human Drive (Pain/Pleasure)

The basic human drive is to avoid pain and get pleasure, so sell your products in this way. Highlight a problem in someone’s life and the pain this problem causes and then sell your product as a solution that creates pleasure from being free from this pain. This is human psychology 1-0-1, and it works.

You can also use a top rated B2B lead generation company to find leads that respond to novelty and the other triggers on this list, so you know you’re targeting your efforts to the right places.

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5. Invoke Novelty

When it comes to marketing with novelty, it’s all about making your product seem as new and as enticing as possible. That’s why all businesses from car brands to Apple phones release a new product or version of their product every year. Even though the differences aren’t that much, it’s the novelty that makes people buy them.

6. Highlight Social Proof

You would never go on Amazon and buy a one-star product, so why would people do that for you? Social proof is the biggest way to attract customers because people feel like there’s less risk in buying from a company that has already treated so many customers so well. Highlight your social proof to encourage more people to invest.

7. Build Trust in Relationships

There’s no successful business out there that customers don’t trust to a certain degree. Trust is so important because people want to know that what you’re offering and how it affects them. For example, if you have a food product, they need to trust that you’re not putting harmful chemicals into the ingredients. Highlight areas of trust wherever you can.


As a business, you need to experiment and try different approaches to your marketing and try using different emotional triggers to see what works for you. For many businesses, you’ll use a mixture of all the triggers at some point, so get creative with how you use them, and you’ll see such an increase in sales and conversions.