Home Interior Design: Popular Trends & Social Channels

If you are a fan of interior design, or you are a freelance designer or interior design expert, there are many ways that social media is important for you to use. Whether you are active on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, there are many different ways that you can promote your content, share inspiration, and communicate with users and potential customers. It’s also important for professionals to understand the

Importance of top social media must-dos for businesses, such as experimenting with different types of content and engaging with your audience.

Much like with any other trends, there is always something new to explore in interior design. Every year, or even every month, there are new colours, items of furniture, and designs that are becoming popular in the interior design industry.

Minimalist interior design
photo credit: Vecislavas Popa / Pexels

The ongoing trend of minimalist design

For many years now, minimalism has played a prominent role in home interior design. As many homeowners are looking to create relaxing and calming spaces, a lot of people are reducing the amount of furniture and ‘clutter’ they have in their homes. Over the past couple of years, floating shelves and bar carts have been some of the most popular Instagram interior trends that many users and social media influencers have posted pictures of. Vintage-style bar carts decorated with glasses, ornaments, and candles, are great for stylish flat lay photography.

How to utilise Instagram

As a visually-focused social media channel, Instagram is popular to use to showcase your interior design portfolio. If you are a designer looking for inspiration for your next client project, hashtags can help you to browse through useful posts. Here are just some popular ones that have been used on the channel: #interiordesign #interiors #homeideas #homedecor #homeliving.

  • The IGTV feature on Instagram can be useful for professional designers and design businesses to showcase home tours, virtual designs, and Q&As.

  • Instagram Stories can also be used as quick alternatives to main feed photographs. Designers can easily collate their stories into ‘highlights’ on their profile for various collections, inspiration, and rooms.

Home lighting design feature

Making bold design statements with colours & accessories

This is what those looking for fun yet free-spirited interiors consider an essential need. While some designers might favour muted designs and neutral colour schemes, some favour bright, bold, and daring designs instead. Statement chandeliers have been popular for a while, helping to create an eye-catching feature for dining rooms, hallways, and even bathrooms. Bold colours, whether used as main colours or accent ones, have also been on trend for years like mustard yellow was in 2019. Sometimes it’s useful to consider exactly why do people redecorate their homes? The answer is sometimes that they have discovered new inspiration or think it’s time for a home style update. Painted geometric patterns have often been popular home DIY projects for creating a great focal wall.

How to utilise Pinterest

Like Instagram, Pinterest is also a channel that focuses on visual content. It can be a great opportunity for interior design bloggers and influencers to share designs that they find inspiring or share their own projects. With more than 335 million active users per month, designers can take a chance of getting their pins seen by them. There are even many popular influencers active on Pinterest that you can follow such as Emily Henderson Design, Victoria Road Restoration, and Bigger Than The Three Of Us.

  • It’s beneficial for you to switch your Pinterest account to a business account. This can prove very useful to you as you are then able to access analytics and see which of your pins are popular and also learn more from your audience.

  • You can use this channel to create a variety of boards relating to different styles, products, or rooms in the home to share interior design inspiration for your followers.

home office design

The rise of the home office

In 2020, home offices have been one of the most relevant trending features in home design. As a lot of people started to work from home earlier this year, home office products, furniture, and inspiration became very popular on social media. Many workers were seeking articles on how to be productive at home, how to have a good work-life balance, and how to decorate your home office space. Ergonomic office chairs, minimalist decor, and storage solutions have become a regular feature on Instagram feeds and in online articles. With remote working set to continue for many people over the course of 2020, working from home inspiration is staying very relevant for now.

How to utilise Twitter

Social media users are able to come across many relevant and useful articles from design companies, professionals, and publications who are active on Twitter. Some of the most well-known interior design publications you can follow include: ELLE Decoration UK, Apartment Therapy, Ideal Home, and Architectural Digest.

  • You can create lists of your favourite accounts, influencers and interior designers to follow for quick access to their tweets and inspiration. Just make sure that your list is set to private if you don’t want them to know you’ve added them to a list you’ve created!

  • Freelance designers and professionals can also include their most important information at the top of their profile with a ‘pinned tweet’. While you can only pin one at the top of your profile, this tweet could include your business information, links to your portfolio and website, or information on your latest design project.