The Life Stages of Mail

In era of marketing and PR, traditional marketing, digital marketing, or combination of both; is lifeline of any business.

A report ‘The Life Stages of Mail’ published by Royal Mail MarketReach studied that how people of different age groups engage with mail. Precision Printing has summarized the report and made few suggestions for marketing your business.

Life stages of mail

1. Division of Age Groups

Categorizing age groups is a key part when we define demographics in marketing. The report catogerized the following key age groups:

  • Fledglings: 3 million young adults with parents; 52% are 18-24 years and 17% intend to move out.
  • Sharers: 1.9 million adults with shared accommodation-not partner; 52% are of 18-24 age group.
  • Couples: 6.4 million adults with partner; 47% are 35-54 years old and 36% range between 18-34 years.
  • Young Families: 8.5 million families with one or more children of primary school or younger; 69% age from 25-44 years.
  • Older Families: 3.6 million adults with children of secondary or higher school going age; 63% range between 35-54 years.
  • Empty Nesters: 10 million one or two adults with children who left home; 67% of people are between 55-74 years.
  • Older Retirees: 6 million adults living with partner or alone, financially dependent upon pension comprise 67% ranging from 55-74 years.

2. The Research

Extensive research was conducted during September to October 2015, by Quadrangle and Trinity McQueen- was further enhanced by Royal Mail MarketReach. They analyzed in-depth opinions of people who also are tech savvy.

3. The Findings

Direct mail has an impact on store visits:

31% of young families; 27% of older families; 22% of Couples and 18% of Shared Accommodation agreed they visited the store in past 12 months after receiving mail from a certain business.

Impact on purchase:

Resultantly, direct mail highly compelled the groups to buy. The research found that:

30% of Young Families bought or ordered after receiving the mail; 26% of Couples and Empty Nesters; 23% of Fledglings and 22% of Sharers responded positively.

Direct mail’s Advertising is More Impactful:

Direct mail proves to be more reliable and impactful medium in converting your message to action.

  • 11.1% of Young Families and 11.3% of Older Families noticed the ad sent by post.
  • Couples with 9.3% and Shared Accommodations with 6.8% paid more attention to direct mail.
  • 15% of Young Families; 12.2% of Couples; and 9.7% of Shared Accommodation rely upon information from mail.

Print Media is more reliable in Marketing than Internet:

The results were surprising in this regard:

  • 32% of Fledglings, 26% of Couples and 15% of Sharers rely more on print than info online.

Detailed Information Is Available more on Internet than Print:

  • 16% of Couples; 16% of Young Families; 9.2% of Shared Accommodation seek detailed info online than print.


  • Tailor print ads calling people to action
  • Push most popular product through print medium.
  • For small budget, save print ads for a bigger message.
  • Mention URL of your business in post ads.