Is Self-Employment for You?

Many people don’t like their job, don’t like their boss and always wanted to work for themselves.  But something holds them back.  Often what holds them back are many of the myths about starting a business. Fortunately, many of these myths about how hard it is to start a business aren’t true.

One deep misconception that people have is that to start your own business you need to be someone special.  Maybe you need to have been born as an entrepreneur, perhaps launching a lemonade stand before going to kindergarten, or selling off family possessions at a big yard sale when your parents first left you at home alone, or starting to assemble and sell your own computers while still in college.

Bottom line is that the typical entrepreneur is not that different than other people.  They might be highly educated or they might not have graduated from college. They might have a good amount of savings or they might have none at all.  They might be 18 years old or they might be 80 years old.

There are more differences than commonalities in who can and who is starting their own business today.

The biggest commonality people who actually start a business have is some kind of inner determination and confidence.  Is this something that they are born with?  Yes and no.  Yes, some people have more confidence than others.  But you can also develop more confidence and determination, if you learn and understand more about the process of starting a business, and perhaps of starting a particular business.

For example, if you felt comfortable that you could start a business with risking only a small amount of money, such as let’s say less than $10,000, or even less than $2,000, would that make starting a business more appealing to you?  Suppose you found a good business that you found exciting and very doable that you could launch for that amount of money, wouldn’t that be appealing?

Believe me there are plenty of great businesses you can start for under $10k or even $2k, I have written about them on my website,   Furthermore, there are many great businesses that take very little experience.  For example, when I was in college I started a different business on every summer vacation, and every single business I had no experience in until I started it.

What’s also really neat, if you don’t want to dive head first into running a large business, is that many businesses you can run part time.  I especially like the idea of businesses where you can do most of the work on weekends, so that you still have the time and energy to continue with your day job during the week.

While many businesses that you can start have a great potential to succeed, starting a business is never a sure thing.  One of the biggest questions is whether or not you can attract customers.  By starting a business part time, you can find out if your business model is viable enough to attract a stream of paying customers before you quit your day job.

So, becoming self-employed is not something that is going to be simple, it might not be as difficult as you though.