How to Streamline The Procurement Process With These Easy Tips

Is your procurement process efficient? Or have you been doing the same procurement dance since the very beginning? For many businesses, if a process works, they wonder why they should consider changing it. But if you’re a manager who regularly relies on the finding and purchasing of electronic parts and components, then you may want to consider a restructure. And as the online market for electronic components is a competitive one, you may find you have better options at your fingertips than you first thought.

Negotiating procurement process

More companies are turning to the experts in electronic component procurement than ever before – Sourcengine and their revolutionary BOM management tools are ready to help you streamline your purchasing procedure within an instant.

Traditional procurement methods and structures come with all kinds of prospective issues that you don’t have enough time or resources to navigate, including:

  • Missed deadlines for your deliveries and promises to clients

  • The inability to find and get the best prices and deals

  • Misread BOMs, accidental order discrepancies and duplicates

  • Unreliable vendors and untraceable component parts

  • Payment and invoicing problems

  • Inaccurate records of orders and invoices

But by taking charge of your procurement process and working with a BOM management tool, you can avoid all these issues and enjoy a fully streamlined and highly effective purchasing procedure. Read on to discover some incredible ways a BOM management tool from Sourcengine can help you streamline the procurement process.

Upload your entire BOM in one click

No more struggling to hand over information regarding your chosen parts to your vendor bit-by-bit. If you want to truly streamline your procurement process, then uploading your entire BOM onto Sourcengine’s purchasing platform will help you rapidly locate the parts you need within minutes.

Once your BOM is uploaded, the BOM tool will search your spreadsheet and columns to match your chosen criteria across 550 million different electronic parts and components, allowing you to compare prices and deals at your leisure. This kind of technology reduces the likelihood of part discrepancies and human error.

Real time data analysis

Use real-time data to find the best deals

It’s not uncommon to choose convenience over price. But with Sourcengine, you can have both. Each of your results from your BOM upload contains the very best offers and the latest deals from thousands of fully vetted vendors across the world. This helps you find exactly what you need at the price you want.

Improve communication across all departments

Problems with procurement and communications aren’t uncommon. However, when you streamline the process, they can certainly become a thing of the past. Duplicate orders, miscommunicated ideas, lost orders and complicated requests can all clog up your procedures and slow down your entire workforce. With Sourcengine, everything can be created and then effectively downloaded once your BOM order has been approved and then distributed to those who need to be in the know.

Final thoughts…

Streamlining your procurement process means improved communications across all departments, better savings and smoother transitions between ordering and delivery of your electronic parts. Reach out to for more information.