How to Start a Courier Business

While the courier industry might seem like an easy industry to get into, it is precisely this that makes it a difficult one to succeed in. Lots of courier businesses start up each year, so there needs to be a lot of work that goes into it to make it work. But if you’re determined, then take a look at this helpful guide to doing it yourself.

Courier service in Florence

Experience in the Industry

Very few courier companies start up from scratch, they have always had some experience as a courier themselves at some point. So, to make sure that you have expert knowledge and experience that you need, you’ll have to get a job as a courier for someone else.

Even small cycle couriers require knowledge of the industry.

Deciding on the Type of Courier

Despite what you may first think, there are many different types of couriers, and they are usually suited to certain types of environment. For instance, if you plan on covering a tight knit city, then cycle couriers may work very well – but they obviously can’t carry large items. If you plan on using vans to deliver packages, while they do have an application in the city for those large items, they may be slow, and are probably more suited to delivering to the countryside.

What Do You Need?

A business like this can be run from a home office to begin with, with a computer and mobile phones. You will find that to begin with, you’ll have to hire self employed couriers as you won’t be able to afford new vehicles and employees all at the same time. They will provide their own vehicles and equipment. However, choose your employees carefully – they will be the ones dealing with customers face to face, so they need to be presentable and courteous. You may find that insuring drivers under 25 is very difficult, but get quotes from a variety of providers, like Sky Insurance, and you’ll soon find a policy and premium that works for you. You’ll need to kit your employees out in official gear, so they look professional when they turn up at someone’s door too.

Getting Your First Customer

As a courier, you’re most likely going to be catering to other businesses, so advertising and marketing may not work that well for you. Approach businesses directly and in a professional manner, and if they’re not looking for a courier at the precise moment, they may yet come to you when they do.

Word of mouth marketing is a really important factor when you’re a B2B company, so make sure that this forms a great part of the way you run your business.

Photo credit: Giuseppe Moscato / Flickr