How to Improve the Efficiency of Your Transportation Business

Transportation businesses thrive on meeting deadlines. They need to make these deadlines in order to fulfill and keep orders coming in. Though there are, of course, extenuating circumstances, these need to be dealt with immediately and updated to the client as soon as possible.

Improving the efficiency of your company can help in many ways towards this problem, and by addressing the issues as outlined below is a great place to start.

Company fleet management

How to Improve Efficiency For Pre and Post Check

Use simple solutions to make it easier to spot defaults and make fixes, and of course, invest in a DVIR that is electronic so that you can instantly keep your system updated and improve roadside inspections.

How to Improve Efficiency On the Road

To improve efficiency on the road, you will want to reduce the amount of time spent in traffic, work out if alternative routes that have you avoid the bulk of tolls is worthwhile, and more. You can improve driver efficiency by paying two drivers to head out and then switch when their shift is up, or you can pay for a night at a motel for one driver so that they can get a full night’s rest before their next shift. The best solution can be found in your data, so try out different strategies and compare costs.

Install GPS and Telematics Tech

Installing GPS and telematics tech is one of the smartest moves you can make for your business. Fleet telematics providers offer intelligent vehicle technology and support services so that you can easily manage your fleet on the go and benefit from data collection. Use this data to make better routes as well as offer better service. If you know exactly where your vehicles are at all times, you can send rescue help in the case of an accident or break down, and you can then update your client on where the vehicle is and when their new delivery time will be.

This easy to install solution will make your fleet management a piece of cake, and help improve the efficiency and customer service you offer to your clients.


Log Data and Use it to Improve

By using telematics, you can collect and log data, which can then be used to create a more efficient route that saves your business money. For long-haul trips, for example, you can find an alternative route that is not the most direct that will help you save on the overnight costs associated with booking your driver a hotel or motel room. By sending your driver’s out at certain times you can help them avoid traffic, and so on.

Monitor Fleet Location To Coincide with Other Services

By monitoring your fleet’s location using GPS, you can better coordinate other services. This will be particularly useful for your clients. If they know the exact time, rather than just a broad window, you are likely to miss anyway; they can better prepare their business and love you as a business partner.

Improving the efficiency of your transportation business is all about trying out different strategies and working with the numbers to decide which one is the most efficient and cost-effective.