How to Find Your Purpose for Blogging

I started this blog naijapreneur on my 26th birthday in July 2010. It was my birthday gift to the world, a principle I learnt from Seth Godin.

In those early days, I went about the blogosphere leaving comments on a couple of blogs here and there. Before long, the favours started to return themselves back on my blog. I gained comments after another from fellow bloggers whose blog I had visited. That was my first experience with trading comments.

photo credit: Christian Schnettelker

From trading comments, I began to notice certain bloggers whose personality I liked and wanted to be friends with and hopefully, eventually collaborate with. Little did I know that sooner than I thought, the saying; “many are called but few are chosen” will become a reality.

Slowly, almost unknowingly some of these packs of new-found bloggers online began to fade off into the blues. At first I felt it was just a minor break due to being preoccupied with other things. But then some of their URLs [website address] started appearing as broken links on my blog. Then I realized they had become fallen heroes!

What happened?

Really, I cannot accurately answer.

In the end, it all boils down to one thing; they probably lost momentum.

I know this wouldn’t come as a surprise to you who have been in this game for long. But for a beginner like me, it was a major eye opener.

The burden of blogging

Blogging is no small job.

If you think it is, then you really haven’t started blogging yet. Coming up time after time with something worthwhile to say isn’t particularly a piece of cake, especially if you’re not in it for the long haul.

The reality is this; not many can survive the burden of blogging. It is not a sprint race, but a marathon. Winning this marathon race is what this unusual post is all about.

To win this marathon, you cannot rely on tactics alone. You have to do have a greater reason beyond just blogging for blogging.

This greater reason is what I call PURPOSE!

Without it, you will soon lose your blogging momentum.

Enduring the burden of blogging becomes absolutely tiring without purpose. Myles Munroe was right when he declared; “When purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable”. Relating this to blogging, I would say; “when purpose is unknown, the burden of blogging becomes unbearable”.

Finding Your Purpose For Blogging

1. Find out what kind of person you ARE:

As far as I know, there are only two kinds of people in the world; those who like doing things ‘with people’ and those who like working ‘with things’. If you are the kind who likes working ‘with people’, then you are a ‘people person’; and if you are the kind who prefer working ‘on things’, then you are a ‘process person’.

What do I mean?

People persons: are simply people lovers; they are the outgoing, outspoken, friendly and extremely extroverted individuals. They’ve got social power. Connecting with people comes to them naturally. If you lock them up in a room just so they can get the work done, you’d be amazed nothing would have been done on your return.

Why? Because they work better outside than inside; they work better when around people than all by themselves; they work better ‘with people’ than ‘with things’. They are the managers, masters of ceremony (MC’s), PRO’s, marketers, salespeople, pastors, entertainers, actors, speakers, politicians, presenters etc.

They are always at their peak performance when dealing with people than when dealing with things. They may not know how to create things for people, but when it comes down to persuading and communicating to those who use what has been created, they do it better, even much more than the creators themselves. They are at their best only when in contact with people. They are never bored when in the company of people, if you want to bore them, make them work ‘on things’ rather than ‘with people’.

Process persons: if people persons possess social power, process persons are technical masters. They are at their best when working ‘on things’. In a simple phrase “they are lovers of things.” They are the kinds who would read up the manuals of any equipment; fix up things around the house; understand complex and technical issues; mathematically inclined and prefer being left alone!

They are totally fascinated by things. Give them a task and stay out of their way or else you would shy them away and incapacitate their ability to perform. Why? Because they are mostly ‘a-one-man-army’. They are better left alone to work ‘on things’ all by themselves rather than with others, except those of their kind.

They are the scientists, accountants, engineers, mechanics, computer programmers, chemists, biologists, artists, manufacturers, writers, surgeons, stockbrokers, doctors, inventors, tailors, athletics, shoemakers, DJ’s etc.

When asked a question about something, rather than explain, they simply ‘show the answer’ since they are too shy to ‘say the answer’. They are usually high in Intelligence Quotient (IQ), but low in Emotional quotient (EQ). You can tell them apart in a group by their unusual silence and shyness. They lack the social power to carry people along and thus prefer being ‘behind the scene’. They are creators of ‘things’ that make the world easier for all.

A little word of caution

I’m not saying they aren’t exceptions to this. The key is to find out which of the two kinds of persons you are, PREDOMINANTLY. That is; of the two, which do you majorly operate under? It is possible to learn how to be a ‘process person’ if you are predominantly a ‘people person’ and vice versa. Your task is to find purpose by focusing on your predominant side and compensate for the other side by learning their core abilities.

Writing a blog post

2. Find out what bothers you the MOST:

Have you ever found yourself in a particular situation that you didn’t really like and so desperately wished you could do something about? Have you ever watched someone do something, like singing in such an awful manner that you know if given the chance you could do better? Have you ever had to endure any particular event, experience or activity being performed by someone other than yourself and you wished you could switch places? Have you ever witnessed an unpleasant event or experience happening to someone else and you really felt you could help make a difference?

Simply put; “what turns you off?” “What can’t you stand?” “What triggers your emotions to help; what makes you compassionate?” “What moves you to the point of open confrontation?” “What makes you want to make a difference?” If you’ve found yourself in any of these spot and felt bitter or angry about it, then chances are; that you were created to provide a better solution or alternative that will ameliorate the situation.

The fact that you got bothered at all is a pointer that you know better, can do better and MUST do better. You aren’t the only one who must have witnessed such a situation in the first place, so how come you’re the only one getting all worked up over it? It’s because you have the solution locked up within you. It’s because you have within you the potentials to correct the error or the problem. Since you can spot it, you can solve it.

For example, I can’t stand seeing a person, business or life that doesn’t make sense – out of sync with purpose! It literally makes my stomach ache. Why? Because I know it’s supposed not to be that way and if given the chance, I can help make a difference.

Obviously, not everyone feels this way, but that’s the way I feel. A simple way to know what bothers you the most is to ask yourself this question; “If I could, what one thing would I change, correct or improve about the world?” In conclusion, if it bothers you at all, it’s your call to fix it. The great Henry Ford didn’t like the fact that only the rich could own an automobile in his days, so he made it his purpose to ‘democratize the automobile’ – making automobile affordable for all the American families. Again, if it bothers you at all, it’s your call to fix it. So go ahead and blog about it!

3. Find out what inspires you the MOST:

Have you ever observed someone doing any particular thing so well that you wished you too could do the same? Have you ever done a thing that you wished it were the only thing you did the whole day because you weren’t at anytime bored?

Simply put; “what turns you on?” “What fascinates you?” “What don’t you get tired of doing?” “What are you passionate about?” “What do you find yourself doing without any external persuasion?” “Who would you want to be like?”

If you are familiar with this, then you are on your way!

Not everything turns me on for example, but watching, listening or accessing any life changing information gets my juices flowing. I find myself unconsciously switching places with the provider of such information.

Whatever turns you on is your passion, stick with it. If you enjoy doing it, it’s what you were created to do. If it bores you, stay far from it. You cannot find purpose in activities that bore you. I’ve not yet come across a highly successful person that doesn’t love what it is they do. Why? Because success is not a product of doing what you MUST (force), but rather a product of doing what you WANT (choice). The definition of survival is doing something because you ‘have to’ rather than because you ‘want to’.

If it makes you feel like you just got a million bucks, that’s where you’ve got to stick your butt!

Purpose is your inner self seeking expression, so whatever bottles you up isn’t your purpose. Your purpose sets you free, makes you come alive -energetic.

So begin to observe your daily routine or activities, watch out for those times you wished time stood still. Watch out for those moments you felt on top of the world and link it back to what activity you did that led to such a feeling. In one word, ask yourself this question; “what would I do for free all the days of my life from now on, if someone else was catering for my basic needs?”

In conclusion, “if it brings you joy, let it lead you on to blog about it!”

Seek purpose, follow purpose and live purpose and your blog shall become an enduring great blog. One that is rich both in CASH (quantity) and in KIND (quality).

Your turn

How are you building an enduring great blog? What other secret ingredients have you discovered on your quest to build an enduring great blog?

Share your comments below.