How to do Video Marketing Like HubSpot: 4 Must-Watch Video Ads

Well, although I am not a HubSpot customer, I can recommend you to consider the solutions offered. Why? Because it is one of a few companies out there which walk the talk. HubSpot shows you the how-to in Inbound Marketing, and their 4 of many videos can act as examples of how to do it properly.

hubspot inbound marketing

Who don’t like watching online video ads and commercials shared on YouTube and Facebook? I always intrigued in how people can be that creative in creating engaging, potentially viral videos promoting products, services or causes.

I also intrigued in how creative people create something interesting out of boring things – like flight safety, for example; Air New Zealand has done a great job in their Inbound Marketing campaign with their buzz-making flight safety videos.

Speaking of boring and dull industries, I’ve just received a newsletter from HubSpot about their latest free resource, 16 Companies in ‘Boring’ Industries Creating Remarkable Content. The e-book is filled with interesting ways companies in boring niches, such as file storage and real estate, do in order to attract people. I truly recommend you to grab it.

Of course, one of the 16 companies is HubSpot 🙂 But what has caught my attention (there you go – HubSpot’s ‘magic’ is doing it!) is the 4 videos shared as examples on how HubSpot makes boring industry of software interesting. Indeed, the videos are several of many videos crafted with conversion in mind – true video marketing in action.

But why videos?

It’s simple: Great videos are worth talking about (well, this blog post talks about videos, isn’t it?) and if you can craft commercials and video promotions that rock, you win.

Moreover, although not as effective as interactivity offered in some commercials and ads, videos are effective in grabbing people’s attention and turning them into your leads in one way or another – this is the beauty of Inbound Marketing!

So, are you ready to create a video to promote your business? Before you do, watch these 4 videos to give you an idea or two on how to do them properly; without further adieu, here are the videos…

4 must-watch HubSpot videos

1. Harlem Shake V53

Well, you can’t hardly escape YouTube without watching someone’s version of Harlem Shake. While you are at it, why don’t you learn how HubSpot rides on the craze by creating a version of their own?

2. Gangnam Style parody – Inbound Style

Although its popularity is diminishing, Gangnam Style is still an inspiration for businesses to create a video marketing campaign via parody. This video is one of the better examples; it features Inbound Marketers, such as Mike Volpe, Laura Fitton (hi, Laura!) and Karen Rubin.

Funny, hilarious and share-worthy. It’s not your best Gangnam Style parody, but it’s certainly one of the better ones.

3. Make love not spam

Videos involving kids are always catching our attention: They are funny, cute and when kids present a difficult topic like marketing, the videos tend to gain plenty of buzz. This is one good example what involving kids can do for your video marketing campaign. For the love of marketing, just watch this video 🙂

Beware, bad, bad marketers!

4. Congratulations on Avoiding the Sales Rep!

This is one, hilarious video about Mike, who is trying his best to avoid sales reps – but has barely made it. Seriously, it’s pretty much portraying what most of us have experienced with sales calls – especially cold calls. I honestly hate cold calls; I don’t have much time dealing with the scripted pitch.

In this video, HubSpot congratulates you on escaping from the sales reps by giving you resources to learn more about HubSpot without talking with a sales rep. Smart Inbound Marketing, don’t you think?


Videos can be very effective in generating buzz for your business; however, you do need to ensure that the videos are well-crafted. Bad videos not only get you bad rating, but also bad reputation – so, take a good care of your video creation process.

So, there you go – some great examples that can inspire you on how to craft business videos that are worth-sharing. So what do you think about the videos?