How To Design The Perfect Meeting Room For Your Office Space

Whether you are having a meeting with your employees or with your office managers, it’s important that you have a good meeting room space in your office. A meeting room that’s not only properly designed but also stylish will help you make a great first impression when you are also interviewing potential employees or meeting clients.

In today’s society, what people want from an office is pretty basic such as satisfactory noise levels, acceptable office temperature and a comfortable workspace. There are many easy ways that you can accomplish this and also create a decent meeting room space for everyone in your office too. You can turn your meeting room into a highly productive workspace for all in many different ways with practical furniture, good lighting, and fast Wi-Fi.

Meeting in a tech-supported meeting room

If you are planning to update your meeting room soon, here are five easy ways to create a meeting room that meets everyone’s needs.

1. Make sure that your space is technology friendly

To make sure that every meeting runs smoothly, it is important that your space is technology friendly. You need to have the meeting room fitted with enough charging points since those attending the meetings may wish to charge their phones or laptops. It can also be useful if the meeting room has technology to help with presentations such as a smart board or even a projector.

It is particularly important for office spaces in the modern workplace of today to be capable of accommodating the most current technological trends. Features such as outdated technology and old computers can make it hard to accommodate those that might wish to use the meeting room. Meeting rooms should ideally be equipped with modern equipment and technology that is required to hold professional and productive meetings in the office.

2. Provide plenty of space for note writing

Providing sufficient space for members of your team to write notes is one way to promote collaboration in the office. It doesn’t just have to refer to desk space for writing in note pads but may also mean space for whiteboards and flip charts. These are a few of the features you should include in the meeting room to allow for better brainstorming between you and your team as well as for creating mind maps. Plenty of space for writing can help to ensure that everyone gets involved in the meeting.

If meeting attendees are sitting down for long periods of time then it is important that they are comfortable. Having comfortable seating and refreshments available, like ergonomic chairs and bottled water, are just some ways that you can easily make your boardroom a more productive and attractive environment for those attending your meetings.

3. Make sure that it has good Wi-Fi connectivity

One of the most important factors for any modern workplace environment, is to have excellent internet speed and wireless connectivity. When clients come in for meetings they often bring their own laptops where they might need to access the internet throughout the meeting. Wifi connectivity is also an important factor for quick online research, Skype calls, and wireless printers that you might need in the meeting room. Holding meetings without good Wi-Fi connectivity, or with slow internet speeds, can make it incredibly difficult for you to hold meetings that run smoothly.

Good Wi-Fi connectivity in the meeting room can also be a great way to promote collaboration since it allows team members to easily share work using tools such as Google Drive. To ensure that the meeting is both worthwhile and productive, good Wi-Fi connectivity is one of the most important features you need to have in your meeting room.

Office lighting

4. Invest in good office lighting

Ensuring that your meeting room has adequate lighting is another important factor that you will need to consider. Meeting rooms that are dark and dull are likely to hinder concentration, productivity levels, and even work progress, so there are many good reasons why you should flood your office with daylight. Fortunately, you can easily rectify the situation by having plenty of natural lighting as well as office lighting fixtures. Instead of the meeting room being dark or filled with awful fluorescent lights, you can use softer lighting instead to help everyone focus more.

If you would like to control the light levels in the meeting room easily, you can even invest in useful dimmer switches. Whether it’s natural lighting or lighting fixtures, it is also important to consider any glare that could disrupt the meeting. Ensuring that the office is properly lit can be an excellent way to boost productivity levels in the office and ensure that everyone concentrates better during meetings.

5. Use practical office furniture

Comfortable and practice furniture should be one of the most important features of the meeting room when holding meetings in your office. Meeting rooms can be places where important business deals are made, which is why you need to ensure that business contacts and clients feel comfortable. If you plan to hold long meetings, you need to have office seating where everyone can sit comfortably.

Ergonomic meeting room chairs, glass tables, and light wood furnishings are some of the modern and stylish office furniture features that can be included in a meeting room. Having modern furniture that’s of high-quality in the meeting room will ensure that all in attendance are sitting comfortably. Nothing is as distracting as people sitting uncomfortably for long meetings.