How Challenging the Status Quo Works: INO’s Fruit Coffee, Anyone?

Okay, let’s just say that I am a crowdfunding junkie. I just love how people come up with their ideas and have the passion to get their ideas to be turned into reality. I just can’t get enough of the ideas. One of the newly discovered ideas, this time from Kickstarter, is INO – Coffee With a Twist: Fruit coffee beverage. Revolutionary. Innovative. Unique. My favourite.

fruit coffee beverage

But wait… I can understand orange juice or latte, but fruit coffee? Yes, you read it right – UK-based INO World Ltd. promises you a product that is better than your old and boring coffee, claiming to be the World’s first fruit coffee beverage. Through magic and alchemy, they have found the right blend of coffee and fruit into a totally different kind of beverage.

Well, not really magic or alchemy… but they have done more than 2 years of intensive research, conducted by top research agencies, like Nielsen Bases, HPI, DCRM and Engine Europe – along with GBP 500,000 to fund the research – to discover the magic formula for what they call as “Fruit Coffee Revolution.”

INO’s philosophy: “To create innovative ideas that enable you to escape the conventional, adding an enjoyable twist to your day to day routines.”

Indeed, it’s innovative and revolutionary. Reading through (and watch) their pitches on Kickstarter, I’ve got the impression that they are born ready to make a splash in the Food and Beverages industry.

INO’s smart marketing campaign on Kickstarter

And I got a feeling that the Kickstarter project they have started is actually a smart marketing campaign they have. The GBP 100,000 funding goal, reached or not, means free exposure (plus GBP 100,000 or more if the project happens to be funded.)

They have everything else ready: A website (; Facebook fan page; Twitter; YouTube; and now Kickstarter. They have also sponsored an event, The British Comedy Awards 2012. Well-executed, laser-targeted marketing strategy, indeed!

Check out this great promotional video – these guys are darn serious about marketing and branding:

If you compare it with many other Kickstarter projects, you’ll get a hunch that INO is no joke; their branding, packaging and marketing material are top-notch.

If you look closely to the “rewards” backers will receive when they pledge to support INO, everything is all about branding: Other than the packs of INO fruit coffee, you will get badge, sticker, T-shirt, mug, etc. – depending on the fund you pledge for the project.

Have GBP 3,000 to fund INO? If so, you will get INO Coffee With a Twist packs and the chance to put your pet or favourite person’s face in a limited edition INO pack design. There you go – more branding buzz.

INO’s Kickstarter project has just been launched on Dec 27, 2012 and will end on Feb 25, 2013. So there you go – 2 months of pitching people’s interest – including gaining buzz from the media (including!)

Check out INO’s Kickstarter project »


I am a big believer that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to start a successful business. However, I respect unique ideas which actually have the potential to be successful – simply because not many of such ideas can be turned into reality.

INO is probably a few that will make it big in 2013; they have the brand image… now what they need is growth funds. Let’s see how it goes.

So – what do you think? Will INO succeed with its innovative fruit coffee? Please share your opinion by leaving a comment on this post.