How Can a Professional Translation Company Help Your Business?

When your business is doing extremely well locally, it is all well and good enjoying that success without thinking too much about moving forward, but that kind of stagnant thinking will not enable your company to progress into the bigger picture, should you want to of course.

Every industry is fast paced these days, so much that current success can never really be enjoyed on a mindful basis, companies constantly need to be not one, but several steps ahead in order to survive. For that reason, it is always good to think about your company in relation to a larger audience than the one already using it, or exposed to it.

Professional translation service

Thinking Big

Thinking globally about your business shouldn’t just be about ‘the bigger picture’ it should simply be a sure step forward in terms of the long term potential of the company. The only thing is, you can’t just start booking flights right away and transition to worldwide exposure in the click of your fingers, it takes a lot of strategy to move in that direction.

One of the biggest hurdles will be translation. You need all of your branding, website copy, product wording, documents, marketing and any other words associated with your business – translating. You cannot make any progress to even just one other non-English speaking or reading country without this process happening. This is a key part of international growth. Yes you may believe your branding enables international understanding and comprehension, but studies show that your product is much more likely to be accepted or even considered if you translate the information to the language native to the area of sale.

Professional Translation Equals Fluid International Exposure

With this in mind, there’s just one easy step. Get the content, translate it using a free online translation tool and use the wording you get. Easy, quick and free. Great. Only, when you do this you realise very quickly that the accuracy of the translation is extremely poor and suddenly your incredibly high quality copy has turned into complete trash and makes nearly no sense.

At this point, it should have become apparent to you that you need a professional translation company. Only we have already saved you wasting the time figuring that out, and we’re about to save you even more with these reasons to use a professional translation company:

1. It Makes Good Business Sense

You have enough to fret about when you’re taking your business international, without having to think about translation. Professional translation companies won’t just translate for you, they will work with you to ensure they help you specifically how you need to be helped. They will help you understand your target markets in each specific country, help you focus which campaigns or products to refine to a specific area or country, help you test the results of the localisation – the list is endless – it isn’t just translation. With something that requires so much local knowledge and experience, it makes sense to get experts on board.

2. Making It Local

A professional translation company can help you adapt your copy, product description, branding (anything you like) to the local audience you want to target. This is a service many people don’t realise they can get from a professional translation company, but it makes sense to know it is available because it can be so beneficial to ensuring that not only is the wording translated, but the overall message.

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3. Truly Professional Translation

A professional translation company does not just hire people who did German GCSE, or who learnt Spanish on Duo Lingo within a week. Professional translators have advanced qualifications which relate to their specific language of expertise. This is important as it means not only are the translators able to have a vast and thorough understanding of the language and culture they have studied, but the current language relating to specific sector or industry.

4. Adapting To The Needs Of Your Business

A professional translation company can enable you to adapt the project to the needs of the application. So if the needs of a specific campaign need to be adapted, advanced, expanded or reduced, the company will have the means to help you adapt in a way that is fluid.

5. A Professional Translation Company Will Help You Make A Global Impact

If you want to or need to expand your business, you can succeed with the services of a professional translation company who can help you make a global impact whilst also helping you save time and money.


This article is written based on our experience at Brightlines Translation. We are a UK based company specialising in translation services, including website, document, audio, video and transcreation projects.