Hosting a Business Event: 3 Tips

When you want to host a business event to promote your business and engage more with your staff or the community, you want to ensure you have carefully planned it. This process will need to be meticulously thought out long before your event actually takes place, so you can make changes as needed, and allow yourself enough time to secure your venue and other requirements. You may also need to consider the purpose of the event, as well as what the day will consist of.

Business event hosting

Inviting Delegates

Part of planning your event will involve inviting those who the event will benefit. This may be team members who currently work for you, members of the local community, or even charity providers and potential benefactors. Sending online invitations with rsvp free can help to reduce the costs of sending physical invites, and also enable you to check who will be coming. By sending out these invites early, you can also chase up those who have yet to respond and, where some may have declined, invite others who were previously on a waitlist or who may also benefit from their attendance.

Booking a Venue

The location where you host your event can also be important. If you attempt to book this too late, you may find that your ideal venues are already booked up, or charges may be higher.

When looking for the right venue, you will need to factor in how many people you wish to attend, as venues might have a maximum seating capacity due to space, insurance, or health and safety reasons. In addition to this, it can be worthwhile considering its location. A beautiful venue that is out of the way may not be as ideal as one with less aesthetics, yet in a more central location. You need to consider the transport options that are available to people, as some venues could very well not be on local bus or train routes, meaning delegates would then need to either drive themselves or pay out for a taxi. This may also cause issues with locating the venue on the day, leading to people either not arriving or turning up late, which is where a more centralized venue can be useful.

Catering business


If your event is likely to last all day, you may want to offer lunch or snacks to your delegates. Even an event which lasts a couple of hours could benefit from drinks or a light food offering. It can be advisable to check that delegates do not have any food allergies, intolerances, or dietary restrictions, prior to ordering from a caterer. This can help you to avoid any problems on the day, and ensure that there is something provided for all in attendance.

Hosting an event can be a great way to advertise your services, recruit new staff, offer training, or even provide team bonding exercises. By planning these with a great deal of thought, you can not only make them informative but also enjoyable for all in attendance.