Hello Glass: Is There a Future for Google Glass for Small Business?

Okay – I’m impressed. Many are impressed. Finally, the future which we can only dream of when watching Mission Impossible is here, today.

Google Glass, although still a prototype and you had to compete with thousands other to get one and try it yourself (application for this has been closed, by the way…,) the conversation has started to heat up.

google glass

…and the hype is also fueled by the media, which buzz the high-tech glasses: Google Glass for adult entertainment; the now dropped potentially-privacy-buster facial recognition capabilities; the many uses of Google Glass – including healthcare, commerce and humanitarian – to name a few.

Check out how UNICEF can impact more lives with the help of Google Glass:

…and people seems can’t get enough of everything Google Glass – just check out #ifihadglass – here’s a fun one for you:

But what about small business? What a small biz owner can do with Google Glass and how it can actually help you grow your business?

First thing first: Google Glass is yet another mobile device – on steroid

Let’s just stop categorising the cool glasses into a whole new IT category: Google Glass IS a mobile device – a different kind, though.

First thing first – it’s very cool and fashionable. Secondly, it lets you do things in augmented reality, such as recording and/or streaming things hands-free: You can just share what you see with your friends; you can record anything – hands free; even though it’s no longer having face recognition capability, it still has voice recognition (just say “take a picture” to do just that); you can get direction; you can translate your voice into another language. The possibilities are limitless.

Just visit Project Glass’ official site to learn more about the feature.

…and check out this real life example of how to do things with Google Glass:

But how a small business can benefit from Google Glass?

According to Samara Lynn of PC Mag, Google Glass will find its way into business. “And this is not just about bring-your-own-device (BYOD),” said Ms. Lynn.

Here are some potential uses of Google Glass for small business:

1. New business opportunities: Custom business mobile apps

Ms. Lynn also mentioned in her article that there will be an emerging trend for apps stores tailored for business. There will be companies building such stores for clients.

2. Collaborative video conferencing

Ms. Lynn said that the biggest motivator in using Google Glass in a business environment is its ability to do business meetings – with anyone, anywhere. Convenience, at its best.

3. Business conversation in any language made easy

Related to #2, you can use Google Glass to converse with your partners and suppliers in other countries better, by lowering the language barrier. How? Google Glass allows you to converse with other non-English-speaking people easily by offering on-the-fly, voice-activated translation capability.

4. Work on the go, doing things you love

Google Glass will boost the popularity of location independent business. With the augmented reality glasses, you can now call your team members elsewhere while skiing in the alps – even while going down-slope (it’s dangerous, though…) Want to email your client while gone fishing? Just dictate and let Google Glass send the email for you – with you holding a fishing rod.

5. Bring your customers (and potential ones) closer to your business

If you are running a restaurant, streaming or recording what you see inside your restaurant and share them on YouTube or other social sites will be big. Social commerce (and social shopping) is big today, and Google Glass can give the best possible image to your customers, fans and followers – and attract them to visit your restaurant.

6. Hire the best talent for your business

How about showing your job candidates the look and feel of your office environment? They can see how vibrant (or boring) your office is.

7. More potential uses…

The sky is the limit: Perhaps you can get inspiration from this PC Mag slideshow. And here’s another one from Read Write


Google Glass is potentially life-hacking. However, we need to realise that it’s still at its infancy. Looking at how it drives people’s interest, perhaps it will find success when it’s eventually mass-produced and released to the market.

So, how about you? Are you looking forward to Google Glass’ launch in the market? Do you think the glasses will be the game changer for your small biz?

Ivan Widjaya
Founder/CEO BizPenguin.com