Growth Hacking 101: Explode Your Business with These 5 Ways to Reach More Customers

A customer base is the lifeblood of any business. Nowadays, due to the increasing demands for brands, attracting new customer has become an uphill task. In fact, research has shown that it is more expensive to acquire new customers than to keep the existing ones. However, a stream of new customers enables the business to increase profits and expand. Below are ways to help you improve your customer base.

Growth hacking business team

Know Your Audience

The target audience is the group of potential customers you intend to reach. There are numerous ways you can use to identify the target audience. For instance, analytics data will help you know your current and potential customers. Additionally, the analytics will also help you to review their age, gender, and their geographic location. This information will help you design a better way of reaching them and customize your products and service to suit their needs.

Customer Service

Most consumers are likely to make purchases in businesses that provide consistent and superior customer services. A survey conducted by the American Express indicates that seventy-eight of consumers have terminated transactions or declined to make purchases due to poor services. Active customer service is paramount in today’s business world. A study by the McKinsey & Company indicates that an excellent customer experience increases satisfaction and is likely to attract new customers. There are many ways you can use to improve the customer experience, for example, the sales automation CRM product.

Diversify Your Products and Services

Diversification is another way you can attract new customers by venturing into new sectors and markets. There is a significant difference between product diversification and development. Product development helps to introduce new products in the existing market. However, product diversification allows you to expand into new markets while at the same time reach to new clients. Although there is more risk involved in diversification, the return on investment is worth.

Business partnership


One of the most effective ways used by most businesses to attract new customers is through partnerships. The most common partnerships include Geographic expansion and complementary partnership. Geographic expansion partnership will help you to absorb new customers from your partners. On the other hand, complementary partnership will enable you to divert customers from your competitors. A stable partnership can survive for years, becoming a steady source of more customers.

Service Providers

There are many service providers such as advertising agencies, PR firms, and marketing companies that can help you acquire new clients. They will help you build your business identity while at the same time reach more customers. For instance, a good PR firm can enable your business to grow and establish a reputation which in the long run will ensure you expand your reach. Initially, hiring PR firms was expensive, but nowadays the internet is providing low-cost or free resources.


Every business aims to sell their products and service to more people to increase profits and grow. Most businesses experience difficult times or terminate operations due to lack of sustainable profits. The best to increase the number of customers is through implementing effective strategies.