Funny Internet Baby: How to Attract Tech-savvy Market via Videos

On YouTube, I’ve watched too many funny cats and babies videos – and sometimes goats, too – but for some reasons, I just can’t get enough of ’em. Why?

MTS Internet Baby Video

Well, they are funny. And funny vids make my busy day; sometimes, they do steal my productive time, but hey, some videos are just hard to miss – and some are too inspiring to skip.

Fun aside, as I am in online business and marketing game, I am always looking at how companies are doing with their Internet marketing efforts.

During my regular video browse, I’ve been recommended a branding video which has allegedly started to go viral. Before I talk too much about the video, you’d better watch the video first: It’s about the “internet baby” – check it out:

Well, it’s interesting and funny, to say the least. With that catchy background music, the video inspires me to… keep talking about it.

Wait. I think I’ve been had. In a good way.

Okay, the baby in the video is not real. But the thing is, the video can tell many stories to the watchers.

Watching the video, I get that today’s young people, even kids, are well-versed when it comes to technology. The baby is searching on search engine, taking sefies, and posting a video. Pretty much describing what young people can do today.

Then as the video finished, I’m just curious about the “MTS” company and 3GPLUS(TM) brand mentioned in the video – and I start to find out more about the company – what they do and what they sell.

Well, it turns out that the company published the video is MTS India, a mobile telecom company based in New Delhi, India. The video is launched as part of the marketing effort to promote the company’s latest service, the 3GPLUS(TM) network, boasting mobile tech that is a step ahead of 3G (read: faster data connection.)

So, there you go. I’ve told you; I’ve been had. But I can assure you I’m not the only one.

MTS YouTube comments

Mission accomplished. The video goes viral; the brand gets brand boost; the company gets new users. Well-deserved results out of a well-thought-out video.


The video can teach us some lessons to learn:

  1. Video storytelling works
  2. Funny videos work
  3. Hiring a good video company works
  4. Inbound marketing a.k.a. getting people to buy from you without selling – works

So, stop publishing those crappy promotion videos and start creating storytelling videos.