A Marketing Beast With Many Names: The Magic of Animated Whiteboard Explainer Videos

The biggest trend in marketing videos right now is hard-draw, “doodle”-style videos. These videos capitalize on a very basic idea: people like to feel connected with the people they buy from. Said another way, people only buy from people whom they like and trust.

explainer video example

Explainer videos that employ a white-board scheme satisfy that need by putting a human touch on an often very stuffy or impersonal media format.

The Way Most Companies Do Them

Most companies will allow you to download their whiteboard video using software programs like the one at http://www.youtubedownloadersite.com. But, these videos aren’t always all that personal. In an attempt to look or feel personal, many companies and bloggers outsource the creation of the video to a third-party design company.
The design company makes the video look very polished. And, while you might think that’s good for your image, it completely misses the point of the format – which is to connect with your audience. You see, even Monet had erasure marks in his personal sketch book. You never saw them, because his paintings represent the finished product.

But, if you ever get to see a Monet exhibit, and you take a look at his personal drawings, you’ll feel a somewhat deeper, more personal, connection to the artist. He’s real because he’s not perfect. In that same light, having a nicely polished, digital version of a “whiteboard doodle” isn’t the same thing as actually hand-doodling.

The polished version is still too impersonal.

The Way The Best Companies Do Them

Some of the best bloggers and explainer videos out there are done by people who almost seem like rank amateurs. Their drawings are gritty, full of mistakes, and they have a style about them that makes you believe you’re sitting right there with them – or, at least, you feel more connected to them.

Take math whiz “Vihart” on YouTube. Her videos are sensational. She’s witty, smart, and yet her videos aren’t all that polished. But, they’re engaging and entertaining, while still managing to be incredibly educational.

Getting Professional Sound and Music Incorporated Into Your Video

Before you publish anything, you should consider adding music or sound to the video intelligently. Do you need sound effects in key places to emphasize a point? Do you need background music playing to keep the video humming along?

Subtle music in the background could provide a sort of “backdrop mood,” propelling your video forward as the narration continues to its climax.

Getting a Good Voice Over

Nothing beats a good voice over. This is seriously where the magic happens. You could have the worst animation in the world and, as long as the voice over is good, the video has a really great chance of becoming a success.

Try pairing awful animation with a very serious voice over. It’s almost comical. Excellent narration is also necessary if you’re trying to sell something. Use high-quality microphones like those in the Blue microphone series. If you don’t have a great voice, consider hiring someone to do the narration for you.

Remember to respect IP when using downloaded content.

About the Author: Steven Young loves to keep on top of new marketing methods. When he discovers one, he likes to share it with the world.