4 Features that Can Make Your Workplace the Place to Be

When company owners think about improving their workplaces, they immediately consider hiring an interior designer or upgrading their office equipment. However, these cosmetic changes barely scratch the surface of what you can do to create an attractive and inviting workplace.

From organizing work areas with trays and shelves to ensuring a safe procedure for administering any policies like workplace drug testing kits, here are four things that can make your workplace THE place to be:

Clean and tidy workplace

Clean and Organized

It’s often the simple things that get forgotten when it comes to improving workplaces. One of them is ensuring that your office is clean and well-lit. Organizing your cabinets, repainting faded walls, removing stains from the carpet and replacing dim overhead lights can do wonders without costing you a lot of money.

Keeping your office clean is a group effort; so ask your employees to help and provide them with the tools to keep their personal work areas clean and organized. Inexpensive items like garbage bins can keep clutter off the floor while desk trays and organizers can keep their paper work sorted.

Great people

Hiring the right people is not just a matter of choosing the most experienced or technical people for the job. You need to consider the social environment you want your office to have. Some workplaces thrive by hiring gregarious people with big personalities while other companies benefit from hiring a group of focused and introverted individuals.

Having a little diversity won’t hurt either. Just remember to pick individuals that can work together as a team if you want a harmonious and happy workplace.

Healthy and Balanced

Promoting health and wellness in your workplace will not only curb the costs of your company health care but will also improve the over-all outlook in your office.

Minimizing indoor air pollutants, for instance, can lower the rate of allergy-related issues and improve the comfort and well-being of your employees. Bringing in plants to counteract air pollutants can also make your office look greener and more inviting.

Another way to promote health and wellness in the office is to encourage healthy eating. Restock your pantry with smart snack options to curb the munchies. Trail mix, granola bars, bottled water and tea are just some inexpensive items you can offer.

Fire extinguisher for fire safety

Safe and Secure

It’s extremely hard to work at a place where you know you’re at risk of getting hurt or worse, where your life is in danger. In the US, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offer guidelines to help employers ensure the safety of their workplace. For instance, a company where employees operate heavy machinery or where being alert are part of the job is required to ensure that their employees are drug-free. Asking your current and new employees to take a drug test not only follows US guidelines but also shows your employees and customers that you are looking out for them.

By following this short checklist, you can make your office attractive and inviting for your current and future employees.