Fashion Business Owners: Here is Why You Should Focus on Clothing Manufacturing in Mexico

If you are looking for a cost-effective source of fashion and textile products, Mexico might not be at the forefront of your mind. But you should focus on Mexico today – here’s why.

The country has a long association with leather items such as shoes, boots, and belts, that have been skillfully crafted there for generations. Mexico is also renowned for its colorful ethnic textiles and traditional garments, which are justifiably popular and respected for their quality. In recent years Mexico has become a major player in the manufacture of mainstream fashion and clothing, rivaling the more well-known industries in China and the Indian sub-continent.

Mexican fashion design

Mexico’s investment in manufacturing

There are several factors that have contributed to the expansion of Mexico as a clothing manufacturer. It was recognized that to grow the Mexican economy investment would be required in factories, businesses and the infrastructure that supports them.

In recent years there has been investment both from government and private investors, who have realized that Mexico’s close proximity to a substantial country like the United States puts it in an ideal position geographically to supply this major export market. Trade agreements between Mexico and countries across the world have made it easier and cheaper to do business with Mexican manufacturers, especially with regard to their ability to import raw materials that in many cases they pay little or no import tariffs on. The country has agreements in place with significant markets such as the rest of the South American continent and the European Union, all aimed at improving economic cooperation and expanding trade.

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Textile worker in factory

Advantages of using Mexican manufacturers

The highly skilled workforce that has been producing top quality hand-tooled leather goods for many years is ideally suited to undertaking the transfer to making quality clothing of all types. Currently, the cost of production in Mexico compares favorably with other key players in India, China, and the Far East, particularly as there have been wage increases implemented across these countries that brings them more in line with other manufacturers.

The Mexican government has been active in promoting the expertise their country has in manufacturing technical textiles, clothing designed with a specific purpose in mind such as safety and protection. They are following an ongoing program of expansion and modernization in the industry to ensure the country’s competitiveness in the future, as well as providing training and resources for the many citizens employed in the industry.

As investment both internally and externally continues to grow, manufacturing in Mexico looks like it has a healthy, stable future.


If you are looking for a manufacturer for your business, it’s well worth considering the positive aspects of creating a partnership with a Mexican manufacturer. With a talented workforce, specialist textile manufacturing knowledge, and significant investment from a range of sources, including businesses and entrepreneurs with proven track records in making smart investment choices,

Mexico is shaping up to be a serious contender in the clothing manufacturing market.