Failed a Specific Section of the CPA Exam? Don’t Fret and Do This Instead

Failing a section of the CPA exam can be frustrating and disappointing. After years of hard work, it can seem like the process will never end when you fail part of the exam. Don’t fret or worry about whether you will be able to work as a CPA. There are ways to get past this moment, absorb the essential information to pass the section, and get ready for your successful career as a CPA.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Enroll in a CPA Review Course

Taking classes online is convenient because you can study anytime and anywhere at your convenience. Search for cpa exam resources best price options to find a class that fits into your budget and applies to the section you failed. Online courses target specific areas of concern and provide essential information to help you figure out where you went wrong the first time. Choose a course that addresses your problem areas and complete all the coursework to ensure you understand the material.

Take Practice Exams

One of the best ways to determine if you are ready for every section of the CPA exam is to take practice exams. Study and be well-prepared before you take a practice exam. Act as if you are taking the actual exam to get the best possible results. Then review the questions you missed to figure out where you need more help. This gives you an opportunity to review the sections where you had problems on the practice exam and get the tools needed to pass.

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Understand the Process

Understanding the CPA exam process helps future accountants figure out how long they have to get it right and pass all the sections of the test. In most jurisdictions, a student has eighteen months to pass all four sections of the exam. A prospective accountant must pass all four parts of the exam to qualify to become a CPA. Testing windows exist, which means the test is only administered during certain months of the year. It can take from one to about three months to retake a part of the CPA exam. Students must gauge their time and study efforts accordingly to make sure they pass all four sections before the testing window ends.

Take a Deep Breath

Stress gets in the way of being able to think clearly and process information while taking the CPA exam. Take steps to reduce the stress you feel before and during the test. Exercising before or after studying can help you focus better and get rid of the stress from spending endless hours reading and practicing. Consider stretching exercises to reduce tension, such as yoga or Pilates. Think positively and be confident about your ability to take the test and pass it. Remember to breathe while you study and take the test. Deep breathing is a simple way to instantly minimize stress and regain your focus during testing.

After spending years in college studying, you are now ready to take the CPA exam and embark on your career as an accountant. Make the most of those years by taking online review classes to help you pass the test. If you fail a section, determine your problem areas and take targeted review courses to get what you need to succeed and pass this challenging exam. Check out the available classes today.