E-commerce Trends for 2017

Are you planning on launching an e-commerce store and online business in 2017? Or perhaps you already have an e-commerce shop and you are working on expanding it with SAP products that you can find when you click here, and you want 2017 to be your biggest year yet. Either way, check out the e-commerce trends below, as these are the ones that you should expect to see throughout the upcoming year. Adding these new trends to your business model will help you keep your e-commerce store attractive and modern, and that will keep your profits as high as possible.

2017 ecommerce trends

Cyber November

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest online shopping days in November, but smart e-commerce shop owners will start expanding their shopping deals to last all month long in November 2017. So, you can say goodbye to Black Friday and Cyber Monday and hello to Cyber November. The holiday shopping season will start sooner and run longer, which means e-commerce stores will be able to generate even more interest from their customers, as well as even more profits throughout the month.

More Targeted Ads

E-commerce personalisation will be taken to a whole new level in 2017. Retargeting used to mean that customers would see ads while they were busy looking through other websites, even if those ads were not related. The new trend, which is called Programmatic Advertising, will use even more advanced datasets to determine the type of ad that should be shown to a consumer. By showing the right ad at the right time, e-commerce shop owners can reach a bigger audience and increase their sales.

Customised Shopping

Another big trend to hit the world of e-commerce in 2017 will be customised shopping experiences that adapt to consumers. Every shopper will gain access to content that is unique to their demographic group, geographic location, preferences, brand interactions, past purchases, and more. This will all happen automatically, and it will ensure that every time a customer visits a shop, they will have an entirely new experience because it will be based upon their previous browsing on the site, as well as the seller’s existing promotions. Customers will receive relevant product recommendations that will help boost profits for sellers because the recommendations will be targeted and accurate.

Ecommerce customised shopping

New and Better Shipping Methods

Crowdsourced drivers will become even more popular and common throughout 2017, offering a new way to enjoy the benefits of fast and affordable shipping when shopping online. From drone delivery services and automatic delivery vehicles, to crowdsourced delivery that utilises regular people to deliver packages, there will be several new ways that you can ship your products to your customers in a timely fashion. Just be aware that these advancements in shipping technology will vary from one country another until they become more commonplace.

As you can see, there will be quite a few interesting trends that are set to emerge throughout 2017 in the world of e-commerce, and these trends will affect both shop owners and their customers in a variety of positive ways.