7 Traits of Happy People

Our mind is not on an autopilot towards happy thoughts, serenity or enjoyment. Our autopilot is set on: be safe, be careful, pay attention to all the things that might go wrong, where is the lion, and “can you run fast enough?”

Therefore, if you find yourself worrying about the future, searching for reasons why things might not go the way you expect, know that is not your fault, but it can be your merit to change your mind toward positivity and being happy.

Happy people

We learn best through imitation and modeling the example of others. Is it not? Happiness is no different. If you want to be happy or happier, you learn how to do it from happy people: observe, learn and then, apply as it suits your life and circumstances.

Seven traits of happy people:

1. They accept themselves as they are

Discover who you are and accept yourself as you are, mind, body, and soul. It took you a long time, hard work and dedication to get to the level you are today. Know that whatever you might lack in, you are compensating for it with something else. Therefore, trust yourself and be confident that you will always find your way in life.

2. Express gratitude and appreciation

We, often expect people to know what we are thinking or draw the conclusion we want from our behaviors and actions. Most times that does happen. However, there are people and situations where your actions are not enough, when you have to use your words as well.

Loving someone but never saying it, it feels only half love. Yes, it is true, expressing how you feel: love, gratitude, and appreciation can make you feel a bit vulnerable. However, the benefits (for you and the other person) outweigh the risks.

Being able to express your feelings and emotions can give more power to your sense of freedom and happiness.

3. Avoid overthinking and being too self-conscious

Happy people take things as they come and deal with problems only when those problems really exist.

Overthinking and being too self-conscious are two states of mind that can make you see problems where there are none, blocking your view of the truth. You see? Imaginary issues don’t have solutions of any kind. Is it not?

4. They are kind

Being good to others is one of the biggest pleasure we have in life:

  • Making someone smile
  • Helping others overcome difficult moments
  • Making a difference
  • Being useful
  • Having and expressing compassion and empathy

Passionate businessman

5. Live life with passion

Find your passions in life and live your life with passion. Life is meant to be loved and enjoyed, not endured. Right?

Your passions are like the spices you sprinkle on your food, giving flavor and aroma.

6. They have a positive mental attitude

“Everythings happens for a reason.” If you believe that, half of any issue you encounter in life is solved from the start because you tend to search and notice the good part of things.

7. Build a personal support system

Happy people surround themselves with individuals that love, appreciate, admire and accept them as they are. They understand the value of being connected to others and building a support system: a soft place to fall, the place to retreat and share good and bad.

Many people say that happiness is a choice. If you count the attitude and behaviors needed to be happy in life, then, yes, you can say that how you choose to live your life makes you happy or makes you sad.  Understand yourself better and give yourself the best chance to be happy and lead a prosperous and fulfilled life.