Cutting Edge Digital Marketing Startup DOZ to Partner With Startup Accelerator Start’inPost in 2016

Premier digital marketing services provider, DOZ are proud to announce they’ve joined forces with Start’inPost.

The startup accelerator Start’inPost is a subsidiary of La Groupe La Poste (France’s postal service provider) which offers a one year program for early-stage startups looking to expand their reach into their respective marketplace.

About DOZ

Launched in 2013 by cofounders Anji Ismaïl and Faouzi El Yagoubi, DOZ has itself become a success story in its own right since within a very short time. The SaaS provider offers digital marketing services and expert-level staffing to their clients, all at the click of a mouse. They currently have offices in Lyon, France and Silicon Valley, USA.

DOZ logo

DOZ are also a proud graduating member of the 500 Startup class of 2014; a group of elite fledgling companies funded by the highly-touted accelerator firm which has funded hundreds of success stories from all over the globe.

DOZ focuses on bringing modern digital marketers all the tools and workforce solutions they need to succeed in their local, national and global marketing initiatives.

Current services offered by DOZ include:

  • A fully functioning cloud-based SaaS dashboard that allows their clients to: Plan, Target, Manage, Monitor and Customize every aspect of their targeted digital marketing campaigns. The DOZ platform can be accessed from anywhere clients have an Internet connection and is as easy to use as it is comprehensive.
  • One of the most all-encompassing approaches to teamwork offered by any provider. DOZ understands that effective geomarketing means their clients need access to both local and international experts, on demand. DOZ devotes 15 experts to each client project (their highly-vetted team members include former employees from Pepsi, WSJ and Armani – just to name a few).

Prior to their partnering with La Poste, DOZ has successfully provided services to several French and international companies including: Total, Axa, Publicis, and Home Depot.

The digital online marketing firm has also managed to raise $1.5 million in funding from Kima Ventures, Nexus Ventures and Bpifrance. In addition to the aforementioned partnership with 500 Startups in 2014.

About Start’inPost

Start’inPost is a startup accelerator program founded and funded by Le Groupe La Poste; France’s postal service provider.

Groupe La Poste and Start'inPost logo

This subsidiary helps startups to launch, refine and then accelerate their early-stage businesses using a two-pronged approach:

  1. During the first phase, the startup tests their viability in the market, using the tools and business partnerships offered by Start’inPost. Products and services are tested and refined, using the most targeted marketing approach for maximum impact in the marketplace. There are a number of services offered during this phase which are customized to the individual startup and their needs.
  2. During the second phase of the program after the startup has been validated in the marketplace, the business gets top-notch mentoring and follow-up from industry experts provided by La Poste and their partners including access to their network, client data, emailing database, business/marketing workshops, and more.

About The Partnership Between DOZ and Start’inPost

The first phase of this partnership will focus on DOZ taking full advantage of 4 key service offerings from Start’inPost:

  1. Email and SMS prospecting.
  2. E-mail routing.
  3. Data mining.
  4. Geomarketing study analysis.

These initiatives have been decided upon after careful collaboration between the two companies and are aimed toward maximizing all aspects of DOZ’s current and future business model.

Business partnership

As the project moves forward and upon successful results from the first phase, DOZ and Start’inPost will move onto the second phase of the accelerator’s successful and globally-proven approach. The second phase will be aimed at increasing DOZ’s revenue and international reach using the accelerator’s proven prospecting tools, in addition to their customer and industry expert databases.

The second phase will also include including further refinement of DOZ’s SaaS marketing platform and, if needed, seed funding from La Poste and their various investment partners.

What the Partnership Means for Clients

Current and future clients of DOZ can expect to see service levels rise above and beyond the current level of excellence the company offers.

With such a huge partner by their side, this fully-fledged service provider aims to further refine and expand their platform. Partnering with even more marketing industry experts, and providing their customers with the most expansive, intuitive and flexible approach to digital marketing ever offered by any company.

To learn more about the partnership and DOZ services visit: Subscribe today for free and gain access to valuable discounts on your first campaign with them.