Career Opportunities in Political Management (Infographic)

There are several positions available in the job market for students studying political science. Many people do not see the benefit in pursuing a Master’s in Political Science; however, those that do will find a plethora of opportunities upon graduation. From advocacy to electoral work, there are several positions in each avenue worth researching.


With advocacy, you are working directly with the public. You’ll have the option of managing events, advocating issues, operating the political action committee, communicating with the public through media and fundraising outreach, or manage business affairs.

With electoral, you could run for office, manage campaigns, lead fundraising efforts, directly correspond with the media on behalf of the elected official, or become a field director that comes up with the entire campaign plan.

From working on campaign management to becoming an integral part of issue advocacy, there are plenty of roles in the political realm for students with the appropriate qualifications. With a Master’s in Political Science, the doors are wide open. See more in GW’s latest infographic:

Political management infographic

The recap

There are basically two career paths that postgraduate students in Political Management can pursue: Advocacy work and electoral positions.

Advocacy works involve raising awareness on important policy objectives and issues. The available job titles are: Association Executive Director, Communications Director, Political Action Committee (PAC) Executive, Events Manager, and Issue Advocate.

Electoral positions involve elections management for candidates and issues surrounding the ballot. The available job titles include: Elected Official, Campaign Manager, Fundraising Consultant, Press Secretary, and Field Director.

The opportunities are there; the choice is yours.

Photo credit: Eric (HASH) Hersman / Flickr