How to Grow your Business Beyond your Home Office

There are many benefits to growing your small business beyond your home office. Having a professional office space instantly boosts your business credibility and will hopefully attract bigger and better clients.

Brand new office space

Below are some top tips for growing your business – whenever you are ready to go to the next level:

Find a suitable office space

Moving out from your home office can be daunting. Looking for office space which is affordable, suitable and relatively close to your home is tricky. Having being used to not commuting for a while, it’s also wise to search for somewhere nearby so getting there and back doesn’t eat in to your day too much.

Figure out how much space you will need, if you’re planning on expanding rapidly and getting more employees then you need to have the space for them to work in too. Consider the lease costs vs. future growth, and decide carefully because you’ll going to stick to your chosen office space for some time; it’s not practical to move office a bit too often.

Looking into shared office spaces are a good idea. That way you’ll be able to share facilities like toilets and a kitchen and the rent will be lower.

Invest in the best technology

Investing in a new laptop and decent mobile technology will help to make sure you have the right tools for the job. All the best new technology will help to speed up processes and enable you to be more efficient, allowing you to spend your valuable time on other more important tasks. Spending a little more on all your gadgets means you’ll be able to install all the newest and most innovative systems and apps as they’re developed, driving your business forward faster.

Get a company car

Getting a company car is a huge investment but definitely beneficial if you have several employees who need transport. As company cars are tax free when only used for company purposes this makes them really desirable. Please check out for more details on car tax rules.

Other benefits include that a lot of car dealers offer promotions and discounts, it makes sense to invest in one as you grow your business. Having a company car also ensures that you can make sure that your employees arrive to meet clients in style as there are plenty of great value cars on the market at a good price.

One issue that you need to consider is whether to buy or lease the car; and if you decide to buy, then you should decide whether you buy a new or used car.


Invest in an employee to help with sorting out the administrative tasks as you move and follow these tips to get out of your living room come filing cabinet and take your business to the next level.