Bettering yourself by Learning from the Best

In order to achieve any kind of success, especially business success, one needs to expand their knowledge constantly, acquire new skills on regular basis and do everything in their power to stay on top of their game. A good place to go for advice and insights into how you can better yourself are the most successful business people and entrepreneurs in history.

There have been quite a few and while some of them might not have been the best people in the world always, studying what they did and hearing (reading would be the more precise term) what they have to say is always a good idea. The simple reason is that no matter what you are trying to do and accomplish, someone has done it in the past and they might have valuable lessons for you.

The Passion Of Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

Like many success stories we will write about today, Oprah’s was not an easy one. She was born into poverty and her family life was as far from perfect as you could get. And when she was finally given a chance at a local radio station, she tapped into her passion and her pain and she showed everything she was capable of as a presenter and a personality. Of course, she later also proved that she is incredibly intelligent and business-savvy, but it was her passion that got her on the way.

This is a perfect example of why you need to be passionate about what you do. If you cannot muster any passion, it may be time to take another route and find something that your entire being will strive for.

The Focus of Henry Ford

Henry Ford

When we talked about famous business people and entrepreneurs who may not have been the best people ever, we had Henry Ford in mind. His affection for Hitler and the Nazi party is well-documented and there is no doubt that he wasn’t a nice person. He was, however, one of the most focused business leaders of all time, a man of singular vision who would not rest until everything was going according to his plan. The assembly line he pioneered is the perfect example of this. Pure focus.

If you wish to better yourself and become a better businessperson or entrepreneur, focus is the key. If you are not sure what it is you are trying to achieve and if you find your mind and your actions wandering, you will find little success.

The Touch of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Talking about Steve Jobs is never easy. You have people who see him as nothing short of a messiah and you have those who say he stole everything and simply knew how to market mediocre products. One thing is for sure, Steve was always in touch with the public, knowing exactly what they want (even when they didn’t themselves) at any given moment. He never truly and honestly strived for perfection – he strived to make his customers happy (and get rich in the process, of course).

This is a very valuable lesson. Sometimes it is not about coming out with the absolute best product. Sometimes it is about coming out with a product that is absolutely perfect for the customers. Always know your market.

The Media Savvy of Tim Sykes

Tim Sykes

Timothy Sykes may not be as famous and as widely-recognized as the other names on our list, but we had to include him here because he perfectly epitomizes the modern world and the importance of a businessperson being media savvy. He made millions on the penny stock market but he made even more with his blog and his courses. The popularity of those is based almost solely on his talent for playing the media – coming off as a brash, almost annoying nouveau riche. We are not saying he is not, but it may also be the perfect media face.

In the modern world, this is something you need to acknowledge. Successful people know how to use the media to their advantage and they are perfectly aware that a single mistake may cost them their fortune and their success. Become aware of this yourself.

The Patience of Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is one of the most successful investors of all time, a man who is often named among the most influential people in the world, as well as the wealthiest. There are innumerable reasons why Buffett has been so successful, but one of the most important is that he has been patient. He has always been the one to understand that taking things slowly and not rushing is often the right choice.

In any business (and everything else, for that matter) patience is a virtue, a virtue that might end up being your best ally. Sometimes it is better to sleep on an idea than to rush into making it happen. Sometimes holding back can prevent huge mistakes. Patience.