Beat the January Blues with These Top 5 Productivity Tips!

After a relaxing and fun filled break for Christmas, it can be hard to find the motivation to get back into work mode. Productivity may take a dip at the beginning of the month as many of us try to get back into the rhythm of early mornings and long working days.

However, there are plenty of ways to regain the motivation to complete your day-to-day work and see your productivity sky rocket all through January. To help you through, our friends at Accelerate Places, leading provider of co-working spaces, have put together these top 5 tips to boost productivity and beat the January blues!

Productive employees blow January blues away

Start fresh

This doesn’t have to be something as dramatic as starting a new job, it could be making a few small changes to alter the way you see and approach your work. Think about your first day back at work as if it’s your first day in a brand new role, how would you get started?

It might be something as small as swapping around the order of your daily tasks, using a new software or app. By taking on a new perspective of old work, you’ll be able to breathe life into jobs you’ve become all too used to.

Avoid clock watching

You may find that now you’re back at work, time appears to be moving slower than usual. Clock watching can drain us of any motivation, as we start to countdown the seconds until we can skip out of the door. If you have a clock on your desk, hide it away. If you have a clock on your computer, cover it up and you’ll soon notice that time goes a lot faster.

Download an online or desktop list tool

Even if you think you’re extremely organised, nothing can boost productivity like a well written to-do list. Many of us will scribble things down on paper, but scruffy handwriting or an ill-placed dot and you might find yourself confused as to what you were originally referring to.

Online and desktop apps that allow you to create lists, such as Wunderlist or Basecamp, can be a lifesaver when it comes to organising your tasks for the day. Plus, both apps give you the ability to tick off your tasks as you go, so you’ll always know where you’re up to!

Working in a coworking space

Take advantage of co-working spaces

Even if you’re not a solo-entrepreneur, co-working spaces can be the perfect place for sparking creativity and inspiration. Surrounding yourself with motivated and passionate people can rub off on you, helping you to find the energy you need to get tasks done.

These spaces can also offer a change of scenery from your normal office. This change can often spark a new lease of life and give you a boost in productivity, as it takes you out of the monotony of your daily routine.

Organise your files and folders

It’s a boring job, but it has to be done and once it’s finished, you’ll feel a sense of relief and lightness when it comes to getting down to work. Everything will be sorted and easy to find, making your working day a lot more streamlined and stress free.

Just a few small alterations to your daily routine can help to shake things up and refresh the mind, ready for a new year and a new start. The January blues are very common but it’s all about what you do to combat the lack of energy and boost your productivity.