Are You Still Making These 8 Avoidable Email Marketing Mistakes in 2020?

If someone conducts a random search online to find the most effective digital media channel, most will be surprised. It is not content marketing or SEO that is found on the top of the list. The top option is email marketing.

While it is considered one of the oldest digital channels out there, most people check their emails regularly. It doesn’t matter if they are on the go, at work, or at home. Email is still a top channel with a higher open rate. It is also possible to establish more personalized and focused communication. While it is possible to develop these marketing plans alone, getting help over at Benchmark is also beneficial.

Email marketing

Even though email marketing is effective, mistakes may still be made. Knowing what the most common mistakes are is the best way to avoid them.

1. A Weak Subject Line

The subject line is what helps an email stand out from all the other noise. Basic, bland, or unimpressive subject lines won’t be effective. The subject line of an email needs to tell readers what is expected of them. It should communicate urgency and the importance of responding.

2. Not Segmenting the Email List

There’s no way to keep up with everyone visiting the website or connecting to social media channels. Most businesses don’t have a single customer avatar or buyer persona. To meet the needs of all customers, it is a good idea to segment an email list, rather than just creating a single email for everyone.

3. Mismatched Email Message and Buyer Persona

It’s important to make sure the email message and buyer persona match. If they don’t, the emails won’t be effective.

4. No Customer Connects Through the Buying Process

Buying is a process. Most people don’t choose something and then buy it on impulse. Anything of value is purchased with careful research and consideration. If the email marketing campaign isn’t generating the desired results, it is likely that it will not lead customers from one stage to the next.

Sending emails too many, too often

5. Sending Emails too Often

Emails can be highly effective, but if too many come in, they will lose their luster. Be sure to keep this in mind to get the right frequency down.

6. Casual or Lame Content

If email content doesn’t add any value, empower, excite, or motivate the audience, it won’t be effective. Everyone wants an email with a purpose. Avoid sending emails just to say “hi” or to discuss something that is unimportant.

7. Technical Mistakes

No longer are people looking at emails through their desktop. They are using mobile devices. If the email message isn’t properly configured for mobile consumption, it won’t be read and maybe discarded right away.

8. Missing CTA

The entire purpose of email marketing is to tell the customer, lead, or audience what they should do next. Having a clear and effective call to action will tell people what they need to do next or now.

When it comes to email marketing, there are a lot of mistakes that may occur. Knowing what these mistakes are is the best way to ensure they don’t happen. If necessary, work with the professionals to ensure that the desired results are achieved. This will help ensure the best results.