7 Affiliate Marketing Tips To Become Super Affiliate Marketer

If you’re into affiliate marketing, you know it is essential to learn some marketing tips to help you get more conversions and increase affiliate commissions.

In this article, I will share some amazing tips used by top affiliate marketers to grow from Zero to Hero.

Whether you’re beginners or expert, it will help you in your affiliate marketing businessAffiliate product search


1. Find High Ticket Affiliate Programs

Promoting high ticket offers is the secrets of super affiliate marketers, and it is effortless to make $100 to $2500 per sales.

Many affiliate programs are paying very well that you can join instead of getting $20 to $30 per sales.

Most people who are doing 6 figure per month promoting different offers do not rely on low commission products.

For example, if you’re selling a digital product for $60 and commission is 50%, which is $30 per sales. How many sales you need to make $5k or $10k per month?

You will need to make 167 sales to make 5k, and more than 300 copies to reach $10k.

But if the product you’re promoting is $2500 and the commission is 50%, which is $1250 per sales. Just make five sales to reach 5k or ten sales to reach 10k, which is achievable.

2. Promote Recurring Affiliate programs

Promoting recurring affiliate program is the key to be successful in affiliate business. With these affiliate programs, you get paid commissions every month for every sale.

It requires you to refer customers to the program, and you will be paying a commission on monthly bases in as much as the people you refer have not cancelled their account.

Examples of affiliate programs that pay recurring commissions are email marketing software; podcast hosting sites, sales funnels software etc.

3. Promote products Launch

Another great way to make money from affiliate marketing is to promote a product launch. Many top marketers are launching digital products every year that you can sell to your audience..

Most of these products are only available once a year. The competitor is very less, and you can make a considerable amount of money during the period.

Launches are between two to three weeks. I have seen super affiliates that are making 50k during launching.

There are some sites where you can find new products to launch, such as Muncheye, jvnotify etc.

I have using these two sites to find a new launch to promote with excellent results. They display all the new products launch, date, commissions, and the link to sign up for the product as an affiliate.

4. Launch Your Own Digital Product

You can’t be a super affiliate marketer without having your product to sell to your existing customers.

Creating a product is another source of income, and you can easily 10x your sales by recruiting other affiliates to help promote your product.

Launching a digital product seem complicated to most people, but the great news is that you can outsource everything without any flop.

Most marketers are making thousands of dollars by selling digital products. You don’t need to write by yourself. Clickbank and Jvzoo are few of the best places to sell your digital products.

SEO for affiliate marketing

5. Learn More About Affiliate SEO

You can’t be a successful affiliate without known how to drive targeted traffic to the affiliate offers to make sales.

SEO play essential roles in driving targeted traffic to your site or the product sales page. If you’re new to SEO, there are many YouTube tutorials on how to use SEO to drive traffic to the product you’re promoting.

The two core of affiliate SEO is On-page SEO and off-page, which known as backlinks. You can’t be successful in SEO without know how to optimize your keywords, writing contents that can rank on search engines.

Don’t forget that internal link building plays a significant role, and it is one of the SEO factors Google consider to rank your pages.

The backlinks are links that point to your own site or page. Building quality backlink to your site can boost your ranking, which can drive more traffic to your affiliate or product review page.

6. Build an Email List

You might have heard the so-called GURU that ‘money is in the list’’. One of the secrets to successful affiliates is to build a huge list of people who will be interested in what you’re promoting.

If you’re not building your list, I think it is time to learn how to build an email list to attract more subscribers and have a strong relationship with them

You can promote your product or affiliate offers and make more commission without need to put more or extra efforts in getting traffic.

Here are few of the email marketing software to start list building—Convertkit, Aweber, Getresponse etc.

7. Use Paid Ads

You can rely on free traffic alone to make super affiliate commissions. The best way to drive highly targeted traffic to your affiliate site and offers is to use paid traffic such as Facebook, Google and Bing ads.

These types of traffic give you instant results, but the disadvantage is that it requires little investment.

The best way to increase your sales with paid traffic is to direct the traffic to funnel where you can grab their email address.

With their email address, you can reach them any time and promote any products you think it will help then to archive their goal.

Furthermore, there are some marketing services that can help you to market your products and offers to make more sales and increase your affiliate commissions.

Promoting affiliate products


It is no doubt that affiliate marketing is one of the best online businesses to make money without the need to create products.

I know a lot of top marketers that are doing 5 to 6 figure per month through affiliate marketing.

Choosing the right offers will help you get more sales and earn a large percentage of commissions.

These affiliate marketing tips will help you become a successful marketer. Take the time to learn more about the marketing techniques and the products you want to promote before getting started.

Do not hesitate to get some help from the vendors if you need anything like promotional tools, swipes etc.